Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It is Ohio... There will be snow in Feb.. GET OVER IT!

I am cracking up at newspaper articles where people are talking about being "over " all the snow.. ready for spring etc.. Maybe they missed the memo that Ohio can have snow into May.. That Spring is not a guarantee here in O-HI-O. Head south my friend! Head south...

So MY big complaint is not really that big... I am so grateful that our school system has this cool auto dial line where they call you and tell you school is cancelled. The downside .. that call comes at 540am.. and scares me every time. The positive is I roll over and turn the alarm off. DONE! try to go back to sleep.

So this morning the dog wanted to go out. I ignored her for a while but she is persistent so I was up at 315am taking her out. Seriously what are the chances that at that exact moment, you know where I am standing in the door to my house wearing only a t shirt... the road crew drives down the main road and turns onto my street to plow. Dog is barking, I have no doubt the neighbors could hear her. I flipped the lights off and hoped that the plow driver couldn't see anything/ wasn't paying attn.

So I was actually surprised school was called off.. roads were being worked on all night, plowed and salted. Must be the amount of snow. It is still snowing - late morning. I am putting off pulling out the snow blower. I hate to have to do that with the kids in the house. Un-At-tended... that is the equivalent to TROUBLE!

I am sure I will have to do it.. I *will* take photos so send to my sweetie. So he can see what he is missing here in OHIO!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sometimes after talking to my daughter I am left scratching my head.. The things she says make me wonder what is going on in that head .. Today...for example.. she says..

"WHEW! That snow is so deep.. I was almost stuck to death...- while playing in the backyard and trying to walk through drifts.

" Mama.. when we go inside can we have some hot chocolate so I can cool off?"- there was snow.. I don't need to explain that it was NOT hot outside

THEN after brushing her teeth I had her rinse with kids ACT fluoride rinse. She informs me...

" That pink is burning me.. It is burning my eyes so bad. " so I ask her. Did you get it in your eyes?
" NO, just in my mouth.. and it is making my eyes burn SO badly"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy February!!! ( forget that it is already the 7th)

I am such a liar! I swore to myself I would try to post something everyday.. I obviously am not as interesting as I thought I could be...

Lets see.. What do I want to remember in 5 years....
We got a LOT of snow this weekend... Woke up Sat and there was so much snow the side door was drifted up to the door handle...
There was so much snow the front door could not open to let the poor dog out.
Michael was so excited to be able to get out and actually PLAY with his new snowblower. We called across the street and told Bob to not kill his back trying to shovel out. Michael walked out our drive. Across the road to blow out B/E. Bob filled the blow with gas and Michael headed next door and helped M finish his driveway. THEN he headed down and started in on J/M drive. He caught up with F and they figured that they took care of everyone that needed the help.

The kids are trying to figure out the mystery of the missing bird feeder. The 2liter soda bottle feeder.. The bottle is MIA... there are no footprints in the back yard... it was tied in at one point.. HMMMMMMM Swiper the fox? A crazy squirrel? You be the judge...

I was awoken this morning to defend Madeline. Ben offended her by accusing her of being "Born in the 90's"... I have no idea what I am going to do when they all hit puberty..

The Saints won the superbowl.. not that I actually watched the superbowl.. but it was background noise...