Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lost in the busyness...

These past months have flown by with so many things going on. It feels like I am on autopilot some days...Today the weather is beautiful so I have the windows and doors open.. partly for the breeze.. mainly to wash out the stink of bacon...While kids are outside and I am the energy and creativity, I am trying to cook and meal plan as much as possible.. before the kids have to go to a birthday party.
So far..
I made a huge batch of Buttermilk Pancakes.. Kids ate their fill and the rest are frozen for later breakfasts.
I had a lb of bacon in the fridge to I baked it in the oven( hence the stink).. to be reheated through the week.. Who am I kidding.. it will be demolished by Tuesday.. if it lasts that long.
I asked hubby about what he wants for dinner.. if he said lets go out I would have jumped.. But he said whatever.. I will be hungry though..( he is doing a lot of landscaping right now...) so I checked the shelves and freezer and pulled a meal together...I tossed 2 frozen chicken breasts into a pot with some chicken broth and veggies and am poaching them.. I will shred them and toss them with some jarred salsa and taco sauce and will wrap those in tortillas and bake under layer of enchilada sauce and cheese.. I grabbed some creamed corn and corn muffin mix and those will be mixed to make a corn cake.  Kids will likely have cheese quesadillas.
I dropped 2 boxes of cream cheese into a pan to melt down and added buffalo and ranch.  Stirred that into 2 cans of chicken and a bunch of cheddar cheese.  That will be my offering at a meeting tomorrow night! Just needs tossed into a crock to warm!