Monday, June 7, 2010

The first *official* day of Summer break!

Actually it was last Friday but I planned so many things that day there was real vacation involved!

So we start today! I want to have some sort of schedule to the day. I absolutely hate to look at the clock and see 1145am and realize nothing has been accomplished. Relaxation is fine and well.. laziness bothers me! So I did allow some video games this morning while I did a few things. Then I shut them down! Then I got the kids moving along! So far- on this fine cold windy June day I/we have:
played some video games
taken dirty laundry downstairs and pulled the dry out and flipped loads.
Emptied the clean dishwasher and put them away.
Made the kids breakfast and loaded those dishes into the empty washer
Make my hubby a mug of coffee and took it to his work. ( okay fine i carried it over to the recliner.. but still I did that!)
ordered everyone dressed, all teeth brushed and beds made.
library books gathered and off to the library for new books, sign up for summer activities and some educational computer games.
Ran to the grocery store for dog food( I keep forgetting that one!)
Home again!
I fixed the kids a quick morning snack of juice and strawberries.
Took the kids outside and instructed them to pick up all toys/chairs/junk in the yard and put it away so I could mow.
Pulled out the tractor and mowed the back yard. Had kids help me pull all the trimmed bushes behind the barn so I could mow around the fire pit.
Came in and prepared lunch for the kids, b/c no one mentioned to daddy they still had not eaten lunch!
Time to load lunch dishes into the machine and check on defrosting turkey breast that will be tonight's supper.
(kids are currently fighting over who gets to sweep the basement where Michael is working between calls/meetings)

So far this is my day.. a work in progress. There will be days I do more.. and days I do much less!