Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peer Pressure WORKS!

Yesterday(Saturday) I took Maddie out for a few errands and left the boys to clean up the yard and play. When we arrived home about 90m later I was Shocked and Amazed, when I pulled into the driveway, to see Andrew come speeding down the driveway at me on TWO WHEELS!. Michael was watching him and me to see my reaction. He was flying down the driveway and up and down the road.. like he had been doing this for months.. not minutes!

Apparently while I was gone he took the wrench and removed his own training wheels. Michael decided to roll with it and found gloves, knee pads and a helmet and pushed him along. It took minutes and he was on his way. Ben, the group giver-upper, threw himself to the ground upon seeing his baby brother riding away. Ben doesn't like to ride his bike and anything he cannot get in .04 seconds is not worth any effort on his part. Michael tried to get him to ride but he refused. Oh well...

SO this afternoon, after church and lunch we head outside to enjoy the lovely November Indian Summer weather. Maddie starts pulling off her training wheels b/c if Andrew can do it so can she. Ben was whining and being a brat... I have no problem with that term! Maddie started to get it and was coasting up and down the road. Ben... not so much. I asked the neighbors if we could borrow their two wheeler that is smaller then Bens- no problem! He refused. Practically the entire neighborhood was outside and he just refused and walked away.

By this time Maddie has gotten it. Bill and Alice have arrived ( g-grandfather and *Auntee*). Bill is working with the kids giving pointers to Maddie and determined to get Ben on a bike. I told him to go grab Anthony's bike next door to try it. Andrew was wanting his brother to do it so badly he rode over and walked back the bigger bike. THEN he ran back to get his bike. After much cajoling we finally got Ben on the bike. Gave the talk about balance and not leaning to the sides. The next thing you know he is gone! Riding up the road like he has been doing it all summer! I had tears in my eyes.. FINALLY he feels a triumph! The BEST BEST BEST part was that as he was riding up the road and WE were screaming and yelling at him all the neighbors can running to see him shouting congratulations to him. He so needed that.

What an amazing 24 hours..All 3 of my children found their wings and are their ability to ride Big kid bikes!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I hope to not have to repeat today...
The End

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stick a fork in me I am done!

Today has been a whirlwind kinda day! I managed to snag an early appointment to get Ben in to the Pediatrician so I took him with me to drop the littles off at preschool. As a special treat I picked him up a kids hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream at Starbucks. He was so excited about his special cup! In and out at the Ped.. 1 ear infection. Then I picked up my cell phone at the Sprint store and we hit the mall.. Maddie longlegs needs legging and pants that fit. So we wandered the mall until the stores opened at 1030am. Looked around, bought little, rode escalators at Sears and ended our trip with breadsticks and root beer.. his all time favorite mall treat!
Just enough time to drop the prescription off at the store and pick up a few things.
Yesterday I had called a friend and told her I would be by tonight to watch her kids so they could go have an adult dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Since I was not needing to wait on Ben and the bus I told her we would be over before her Dr appt.. so they could both go and have the afternoon.

Seven children Seven years and under.. That sounds horrid.. It was not bad at all.. Loud maybe but not bad. Sure there were the expected like- random hair pulling, pushing, SHREEKING, laughing, giggling, name calling ( if I hear stupid again I might shreek myself). This house is perfect for marathon chasing I do admit. The rooms roll in and out of each other- when the gates are down the chasing in on. And they chased and laughed and screamed and shreeked. and I pretty much ignored it. I am sure there has to be 1 neighbor who was wondering what the hell was going on over there! LOL...

After friends returned we chatted a bit and then we packed up. Kids were exhausted and grumpy. Halfway home I get a call from my concerned hubby. He had dialed home on his cell by using the home button.. the phone rang twice and a man answered! He hung up and tried again.. this time it rang like normal and went to voice mail. Needless to say he was very concerned. I called neighbor#1.. her husband was out picking up a child from an activity. I called neighbor #2- her husband was out with 2 children. Neighbor#3 was home so he came over and came in the house with me to make sure things looked fine. Sadly it was the same as I left it hours earlier... I was hope I had been the victim of a drive by housekeeping.. So apparently the cell system crossed signals and either misdialed or just went goofy. Not the best night for that to happen.

Kids are in bed. Mama is tired. I would like to place my order for tomorrow to be a nice, quiet, uneventful laundry filled Tuesday!

Good intention...

I told myself yesterday that I would try to post something every day.. It might not be life altering or hysterical.. but something. More to keep journal...
Time change was yesterday. We FELL back and gained an hour... The kids did not get the memo and we were up at the new 6am... which was the old 7am.. their normal internal clock wake up... and of course I was the one up with them. I was already tired b/c I had been up with Maddie when she wet her bed and Andrew for who knows what...

It was a long day. I made Tres Leche Almond Muffins... YUMMO! Went to early service at church, then ran to get Ben a haircut. Home to make lunch and prepare dinner for the Crockpot. Kids played outside and Michael built a 2 stair ramp for the front porch.. For both our geriatric dog and his mom and her bad knees.. ( I am sure she will be thrilled to have the dog included in this step purpose!)

Did the dinner/bath/bedtime routine. I was exhausted at 9pm... I was sleeping nicely and was so warm when I was awoken by Michael and Ben around 3am.. My baby has ear pain. I medicated him and cuddled him for a while...Got him tucked back in bed...

So my plans for the day will include a call and run to the Pediatrician, most likely a run to the grocery store for meds and quiet time with my big boy! Not that bad of a plan!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hack, Hack, Cough, Wheeze....

I cannot even put the sound of snot into a single word..... Tis the sounds of illness at my place....
I fell into a cold the 2nd week of September and since that was MOM sale week I was not sitting still. I drugged myself up well and worked the sale, prepared for and handled first club meeting of the year then went to collapse. Only to find out the kids and Michael managed to get the cold. It seemed fairly normal. Lots of boogers, coughing, cough medicine... but it never wanted to go away. It has drug on and on. Last week Ben came home from school sporting a nice fever and miserable disposition. I kept him home for two days and ended up with a script for Amoxil. Dr figures he is fighting a sinus infection and we hoped that this would push it all through. Maddie and Andrew were with us but actually were presenting as though they were doing better.


Sunday they both seemed yucky when we woke so we stayed home from church. By early evening the fevers were in full effect and misery was spreading. I managed to get snuck in between appointments on an already full Columbus Day Monday and found myself with two more orders for medication. I hope this works for all three.

SO between the snot, the medication, the tissues, the hand sanitizer, the coughing, the cough medication and the yelling to STOP coughing in each others faces... I am just praying neither Michael nor I get sick again...

Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When life hands you ripened produce...

You do the right thing.. and give it away! My mom was given a basket of tomatoes and peppers from her baby brother. She took a whopping 3 and left the rest for me. So I did the good daughter thing and took them.. Directly from her place and to my next door neighbors! Thankfully I was able to leave 3/4 of the peppers there-(there is a birthday coming up which means Italian sausage and Peppers...Happy Birthday A!) So I was still left with more then a half dozen peppers and about 10 tomatoes. I washed everything and stared at them for a while. I decided to seed and chop the peppers for my own future crock pot nights. Since I was on a roll I did the same with the bag of onions I had on my counter. Tossed them in with the peppers.

Now onto the tomatoes... I decided that I would cook them down and make some juice to freeze until needed. So I got to work.. chopped them down and gave them a quick run in the food processor. Tossed them in a pot and set them to cook. About 90m later I turned the heat off and let it cool. After dinner I poured into a fine mesh sieve and used a spatula to push all the juice out. I tossed the pulp and grabbed a freezer quart bag to store the juice in. When I went to pour the juice into the bag the bowl slipped out of my hand and almost all the juice went splashing on the counter and floor... I was so pissed I poured the rest down the drain and finished the dishes!

This morning as I was making coffee I noticed gnats... I hate these things.. They make me miserable because they irritate my husband and when he is crabby.. you get it...
So this morning I found myself peeling and slicing softball sized peaches... They are in the freezer to be used when the house is chilly and I feel the desire to bake! Since Pears do not have the same usability the kids will be eating lots of fresh pears today!

Who needs toys?

My Tastefully Simple order arrived this morning in two boxes. This is important because this means there are many many bags of air and sheets of bubble wrap to be jumped on. Even though we asked them to NOT jump on the bags of air but rather twist them to pop them.. they jumped anyway.. I am sure that half the office ceiling is on the floor downstairs...

After that fun game Maddie and Andrew hit my room and found my roll of raffle tickets. They are playing Thea-TE-er. Tearing the tickets apart and telling each other which room they can go into.

Maybe I can introduce them to Mr. Chlorox Wipe and they can play Hotel-Cleaner?!?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kid-isms...Things heard in the mama-mobile...

Madeline and Andrew are on week 3 of preschool. I am already seeing/hearing improvement in Andrews speech.. Or that fact that he is actually talking loud enough for me to hear and comprehend. I love that he is speaking up to argue with Maddie about what is happening in class.. or what might happen, or what was said... He cracks me up.

"We painted in class, becaws, we were reading the chick chicka story, becaws the letters climbed the coconut tree. Know why mama? becaws they had to get to the top, becaws they was having to be at the top......" Becaws is the new word around here. Hardly ever used properly it still brings me a chuckle to hear him try to express a complex thought.

I informed them we actually have a children's story collection with a copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in it. I said I could find it and we could have Ben read it to us later. Andrew refused. "Becaws if it is the same as Miss.Katera(teacher) book then we already read it, becaws we heard it and it is not the different one."

Both kids are fighting a head cold and are stuffy and congested. I sent them to school because they are not dying and I paid for that time already! I picked them up and could tell Andrew was pretty sluggish so I informed them right away we had to go buy dog food and grab lunch then we would go home and have quiet time on the couches in our special blankets watching a movie. They liked this idea, I figured it would go over much better then saying they had to lie down and rest....
Of course they requested McDonald's Nuggets. I gave in and treated them. After nearly finishing her food Maddie calls to me and questions " Mama, are these the same chicken nuggets that the other McDonald's uses?" I told her that they were and since she had a stuffy head that might be why they taste funny today. I glanced up and saw her little face all twisted up in perplexed look in my rear view mirror.. she then shook her head and said" Nah.. I think they are different because I tasted the fries and they taste the same as the other fries.. They have different nuggets..." Okay then...

Back by popular demand...

NAH! Mainly b/c my mama told me to... and the kids were making me laugh this morning...

Sunday, May 31, 2009


While we were sitting drinking coffee last night Michael took a photo of me with his I-Phone. I was less then thrilled. as he goes to archive it he notices a photo of Madeline standing in the living room holding her stuffed dog. He looks at it oddly and tells me he doesn't recall taking this photo and shows it to me. It was cute.. I tell him it was in all likelihood Andrew- the kid with the camera obsession. SO he digs deeper in the archives... more at least 2 more of her that day dancing around with her dog, in the sunshine, barefooted in a sundress.... I will post them when he emails them to me..

Crazy kids, crazy Andrew.. Crazy daddy for leaving and unlocked I-phone lying around. That little "slide to open" can not outsmart a 4 year old....

Date Night- what is that? and life drama...

Michael will be traveling a LOT this summer so I wanted to try to plan a night out where we could just spend some time together and not wrangle kids... something we rarely to never have. So I called up mom over a week ahead of time and asked if they wanted a evening with the grandbabies? They totally understood my request and agreed without hesitation to take on the crew. So my mind started to wander.. What can we do? Where can we in our child-less-ness go????? Michael has gone to PF Changs while on work dime before and has said he cannot wait to take me to try it. I know that they are building one at Summit Mall.. I *thought* I had heard it was to open in April.. so surprising him with that for our evening out would have been a blast... I was getting excited.. Planning a little surprise, the anticipation of it all....Unfortunately, after checking I saw that there are no listing for PF Changs in Akron yet.. I googled a little more and saw that it is still listed as *Coming Soon*. Back to the drawing/planning board.....


I got the flu... or something like it...

Lucky me..

Picture this...

Friday morning.. I was on a roll... getting stuff done left a right.. I had a HUGE list of things to do and things already done.. I was on fire... Had JUST finished squeezing a mixture of soynut butter and honey into a bunch of celery sticks and lining them with raisins to take in for Ben's *beach day* afternoon snack... ( I am that mom.. the one who spends 4.99 on a small jar of peanut free spread to make a simple cool snack and not cause any allergic drama)... I was doing the dishes when me midsection started to ache. So sudden.. out of the blue... Did not feel like indigestion.. did not feel like colon.....But it hurt...Oh ye Gawds it hurt....

Of course during this time Andrew reminds me it is lunch time and he is "starbing"...... OMG how can I think.... SO I scramble 3 eggs and toast some bread.. super fast simple hopefully filling food... because mama is going to die pretty soon.. food...

I plate up lunch and run to the bathroom......... Naw... that did not help the pain or nausea at all.. still there.. So I find myself sitting on the stool cleaning the toilet and dry heaving.. the toilet must be cleaned especially if I will be using it.. b/c I was praying at that point for something to happen to remove the pain from my body....

nope, nothing, nada..

but the toilet was now clean...

Michael is downstairs on a conference call. Kids are finishing lunch.. There is NO WAY I am going to be going anywhere. So I call the school and have the secretary let the teacher know I am not bringing a snack in due to illness. Then I call my friend Krista to go pick up club newsletter and come get my labels and stamps.. They NEED to get mailed today and there is NO way I will be managing that task... two things handled.. two more to go.. What can I do with these kids? So I fall back on every mom saver... I filled them each a juice sippie cup, tossed granola bars on the table like I was feeding the animals at the zoo and turned on Noggin....I locked the gate to the stairs and forbid them to go downstairs and bother daddy... Then I went to my bed... ( of course they ignored my forbidding and were downstairs soon enough.. but what position was I in to deal with that?)

Michael realized soon enough that something was wrong.. He made fun of me and called me a lazy faker but I know he KNEW... I mean sure I have lazy lay around days but I don't ever crawl in bed and act like I am dying.. I am not THAT dramatic.....

I went from bad to worse to where the heck am I through the night... The intense body aches, the hours of freezing under 4 heavy layers to the disoriented sweating in the middle of the night.. I was so confused as to WHY my clothing was wet? let alone my hair and nose....

Thankfully I awoke sore, achy and weak..I saw thankfully because the wall of nausea was gone and I actually felt a normal temperature....Michael had taken over the kids.. even if that meant he was asleep in the recliner with them watching tv on him.. at least he was up and I was still in bed.

I took to the day slowly.. very slowly... From a very long shower where I sat on a stool b/c I could not stand to going back to bed to rest and gain strength again... ( I cannot remember the lat time I was so ill.) Slowly with a little coffee and some bread and peanut butter from my hubby I was back on my feet... back to bossing the kids around.. definitely not full speed but back...

I was able to strip the bed and take that down to get washed. Michael worked the living room and I helped the twins by ordering them around in cleaning their room... Ben was a super big help by putting away all the laundry as I folded and directed him. I sat outside with the kids for a while mainly just to get some air and sun... per the orders of my friend Carol.

I told mom to not worry about taking the kids but she insisted.. said if nothing else I would have peace and quiet in my illness... Thankfully I was feeling better by evening so we did go out.. NO partying, no clubbing, no drinking, a simple low key night.

We FINALLY tried 91 Wood Fired Oven.. I mean it only opened around the time BEN was born.. it is only 4 miles from us.. we pass it daily... so we went... and ..... it was okay.... for the price I would hope it was better.. but it was okay... So now that THAT mystery is solved we can check that off our list.. We made it out in time to grab a movie at the cheapo theater so we booked it.. We got there, grabbed tickets and were in our seats with 5 minutes to spare to see "Paul Blart Mall Cop" We had wanted to see it and even though it is on dvd now... it was fun to see in the theatre... We followed that up with a drive and grabbing some (Unnecessary) dessert and coffee at Olive Garden. It was quiet, it was peaceful.. it was too much food and driving on my still weak gut but I survived.

We got home and the house was quiet. We sat and relaxed for a while then headed to bed. Of course since no one was here to wake me my bladder did... Thank you to my lovely internal organ for that... so here I am.. I have total opportunity to sleep in and I cannot..Another day.. Another decade.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who needs toys?

When you have a .97 water sprayer from Walmart...
or a brand new roll of scotch tape..( see the spot on the wall just behind Madelines head.. yup that was her attempt at hanging pictures...)
She went through quite a few outfits until she found the right one for the work day....

My Ben

" My brother and sister are the BEST!" all because they picked out Bakugans for his birthday gift. Truth be told Madeline wanted to get him a princess lawn chair and Andrew choosing these was totally self serving. He hoped that if we bought Ben these 6 new Bakugans Ben would give HIM one of the old ones....
Captain Temper Tantrum getting reading to toss a fit when we jokingly told him he was not going to get to open any presents that night( his actual birthday!)

Good Morning Sleepy Head! Woke everyone up and dragged them To McD's for a birthday surprise breakfast.

That was one Windy Saturday.. Look at that amazing sky. Ben was standing on the picnic table and the wind was pushing his shirt.

Just to make things much easier...

I ate the last ice cream bar.. Problem solved!

The many moods of Andrew

This boy is so silly. The first picture he was SO mad at me. I locked the van because he kept getting into it looking for gum and honking the horn. SO when I locked him out he was so mad he tried punching the van door.. Like that really showed me! LOL
The next picture he was so happy daddy rubbed green hair paste in his spikes.
Lastly this is a picture of "wrestling" They all want to do it. Strip their shirts off and knock each other over and pin someone down.. ususally goes on until someone starts crying. Then I get to say. TOLD YOU SO!

Throwback to the 80's

As you can see Maddie is all ready for a night of roller skating.. She has on her velour leotard, her princess stickers/tattoos, single knee pad and spiderman roller skates.


This will be the summer of injuries.. I have no doubt. So far Maddie scraped her chest by playing in the neighbors massive over grown bush. She still has abrasions on her rib cage and of course the tape marks from the band aid she reacted too.. Then tonight she walked by Ben trying to hit a baseball and he actually made contact.. the ball slammed into her ribs.. add that to the blister on her ankle.

Andrew walked into Ben's path tonight also and got cracked with a bat to the mouth.. We will see how fat that lip looks tomorrow.

Ben- so far so good.. guess it pays to be the aggressor?

There is only one ice cream bar left in the freezer...

We were outside playing in the yard this evening and Andrew comes up to me as asks for a Popsicle. I told him we had none( which is true). He tells me I am wrong that there in fact is one left. I tell him I am sorry but we have no Popsicles in the freezer BUT I will buy some at the store tomorrow. "Yes there is mama!( stomping his little foot), it is long, and skinny and bwown and has a stick in it!"..... AHHHH! I know what he is talking about now... so I tell him that THAT is an ice cream bar and we only have ONE left. Since there is only ONE left I cannot let him have it because that will not be fair to his brother or sister OR the two neighbor boys who are playing with us. Andrew looks at me and replies " If they go back to they owns house and daddy and Ben and Maddie gets lost.. then I will be only one and I can have the bwown thing!"

Smart boy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why now?

I would like to know WHY, now that I am in my 30's, I suddenly am affected by seasonal allergies? I check the weather and there is a flashing banner that reads. "High pollen counts" TRUST me.. I did not need to read that banner to KNOW that fact. My nose is pouring, my head is throbbing, my eyeballs ache- I only wear my contacts for absolutely necessary things then rip those suckers out. I chased 1000mg of tylenol today with a mouthful of childrens allergy meds b/c I was too miserable to look for adult benadryl. Trust me.. that stuff tastes HORRID!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My children are sitting on the floor together playing with Legos. Fairly quietly. Moments like this are few.. Usually a fight breaks out right from the start...I dare not even grab the camera.. Why ruin a good thing?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What seemed like a good idea...

Sunday after the Multiples club Easter party we went and met the in laws for a quick dinner. We headed home and took a detour up Wise ave and Michael thought the kids might like to feed the ducks at Price Park some of the leftover PBJ's we had. So we stop. No one else was there b/c they were smart enough to realize IT WAS FREEZING! I bundle the kids up and divvy out sammies. Andrew enjoys throwing entire sandwiches at a duck then CHASING it and screaming DUCK at the tops of his lungs. We were not sure who to be concerned for a) The duck that might get smooshed by him OR b) Andrew who might be bitten by a ticked off duck. So we yelled at him to STOP harassing the poor ducks. But he stayed near enough the parking lot so he was fine. Ben was feeding and chasing but not quite as obnoxious as Andrew. Madeline was doing a good job of feeding and entertaining but started to wander. So after having to focus on Andrew and his duck chasing we notice Maddie has ventured TOO close to the pond. She was standing right next to it. Not ON the wall but next to it. For most 4 year olds this might not be too much of an issue BUT Madeline is special. She often times cannot stand on her own two feet on flat ground without losing her balance and tripping over the air in front of her..SO we yell at her to step back a few jumps. She yells back "I'm fine" we yell again to MOVE BACK. she finally does. At the exact moment that she has moved back into a safer spot Ben comes running out of nowhere towards her pretending to chase a duck. As he gets closer to the pond he makes a turn to keep running back towards the parking lot..... BUT......He hits a muddy puddle.. that was not so much a MUD puddle but a POOP puddle.. Yep.. duck poo... total body slide. The kind that would win him accolades and great rewards in the baseball diamond but NOT so much in this situation. He gets up and is covered. Michael and I look at each other and all I can say is " guess he IS getting a bath tonight." I open the van and grab my pack of diaper wipes and antibacterial wipes. 1. I make him wipe his hands about 10 times. After each wipe he tosses that into the trash and gets another wipe. 2. I carefully remove the poop coat and offer more wipes. 3. I have him remove his shoes which I lay IN the poop coat. 4. I lift him into the van and make him remove his pants( his only worn twice khakis). We go home- obviously we are not dressed to go anywhere else at this time...So we get home and I make everyone strip in the laundry room. I dumped my LAST scoop of Oxyclean,2 scoops of Borax and a LOT of super hot water into a large pot I use for soaking stuff like this. I put in Maddies tights and both boys khakis into the bucket and use a hanger to push it all in to be soaked. The rest of the night was full body scrubs and bedtime routines... I left the laundry to soak. So the goal of today was to wash poopy coat, poopy clothing, my own jacket( just in case) and the party clothing which all managed to have Easter colored paint on it. Michelle- I question the washable -ness of the pink paint.. I think you were lied too!

Exhaustion...week in review

Michael was traveling this past week. I never sleep great when he is gone. For one I stay up too late because that is the ONLY time I have peace and quiet. Then I end up sleeping like crap because I actually have the entire bed to myself and the room is quiet. SO I guess you can say I have grown accustomed to listening to snoring and farting and fighting for my leg room...LOL

So he left on Monday afternoon and drove to Columbus and returned Thursday night. He was coming in at dinner time so I was able to plan and prepare a nice dinner. I don't waste my time putting a lot of effort into meals when he is gone- no one appreciates it! I actually use weeks he is gone to play Mother Hubbard and use whatever we have in the freezer, fridge and pantry all up. Saves money and keeps me creative! LOL

So Monday night after a quick dinner we had to head to the mall. If you read the previous post you already know Ben ruined his shoes with duck poo.. They were already starting to fall a part I found out so it was time to replace anyway. So we hit SEARS and grabbed a new pair of Sketchers then we went upstairs to use the potty (duh) and then I actually found a few deals on the clearance rack. ( It is about time they started to actually use clearance prices and not just a few dollars off). Grabbed a few dresses for next winter for Maddie- although now I question if they will be long enough then for Miss. Leggs ( bought a 5 and a 6!). Andrew has a handful of jackets from Ben but they all seem small on him. I grabbed a beautiful fleece lines jacket for him for 3.99! Bought it in a 5 so it will fit all fall on my *little* man! Ben's sizes were slim picking but I managed to grab a long sleeved shirt for next year and a pair of pants for next year also. I also grabbed a hat/glove/scarf set for 2.99. I really should go back and buy a few more. Or maybe I should go to the school and find all the matches to the ones I have singles of here...

Pretty much the rest of the week was uneventful. Worked around the house, Library time, homework and playing outside after school. Evenings are the pain in the neck with nice weather. Dragging the kids in to make dinner, eat that, give baths, pick up the bedrooms/living room/kitchen and get everyone into bed before it is totally dark outside.. For this reason alone I cannot wait until summer.

The kids were so excited that Daddy was coming home on Thursday. I had Sweet potatoes baking in the oven, chicken thawed to grill, bread rising to be baked. Michael got home and pulled into the driveway. I yelled at the kids( who were scattered all over the neighborhood) to come home daddy was home. Ignored. I think he was home almost 20m before I managed to drag everyone and their bikes home...Welcome home daddy...LOL

So now it is Saturday. I need to finish his work clothing laundry and get that dried and ready to repack b/c he leaves again on Monday. This time I have EVERYONE all day, all week due to spring break. I am already planning my days to keep everyone busy and off each others nerves....

Friday, March 27, 2009

"The electric bill is too expensive"

That is the line we told Madeline and Andrew last night when to informed them no more nightlight in their room. Actually it is a real light. The room is weird and has a light in the center of the room and one that aims into the closet. We put a low wattage bulb in that one and that is what stays on all night. BUT lately we (I) have had too many middle of the night visitors and was getting perturbed with the invasion. So Michael said no more light.

We waited until bed time and he told them the electric bill was too high and since they are now FOUR they can be like Ben. All light will be off and they will have their bedroom door open instead of shut. We HIGHLY doubted that would fly. We anticipated tears and crying and whining. What we actually got was 2 sleeping kids. Someone came to my bed sometime during the night. I am not sure b/c I did not look and told them to go back to bed.. and he/she did! :)

So here I type. 8:22am and my babies are still in bed.. Unbelievable... totally... Especially because Andrew has a habit of getting up before Ben...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

If it makes the kids happy...

Michael is such a pushover when it comes to the kids. As I have posted previously he *entertains* them by allowing them to draw on his legs with washable markers so that he knows where they are when he is on call... Well they have gotten quite good at this. Maddie is perfecting her letters on daddy's legs regularly. So the legs eventually got old. After much prodding he will take his shirt off and they will draw on his belly and chest.. There are usually a few tic tac toe boards going....

So last night he was allowing them to have free access... Maddie was in her glory putting whiskers and make up on her daddy. She was diligently working on making his eyebrows *perfect*. It was quite hilarious. She drew on both then attached them from outside to outside and inside to inside brow edges. The whiskers extended to his ears... He was looking mighty.....bizarre. LOL!

So as I was getting the clan ready for bed Michael went online to and found that both movies he wanted were available. So we reserved them for pick up. I was so tired and looking forward to hitting bed early myself when I laughed and stood up to grab my purse. I looked at Michael and said " well I guess I need to be the one to go get the movies." He looks at me like WHY? I remind him " Your awfully sexy there for a trip to the movie box.. stud" He went and looked in the mirror and laughed.. He had totally forgot about his *make-up*...

I SHOULD have let him go.... now THAT would have been a LOL!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It' s like crack... only for kids... That one word is all I hear.. All. Day. Long.

Before school Ben is begging to play WEBKINZ! I tell him no b/c he cannot handle getting dressed and eating without running late.

As soon as Ben is gone Andrew is whispering in my ear. want to play webkinz.....

If Maddie sees me pick up my laptop she yells ANDWEW! Mama playing webkinz! Hurry up!

I am about to toss those dreaded stuffed animals.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Absolute and Total Exhaustion!

Today was the Spring/Summer Sale for the Mothers of Multiples club. We moved THOUSANDS of dollars of stuff.. and I mean we MOVED it. My entire body is beat. My feet from standing, my back from stopping to tear price tags and use the registers. My hands from everything that required.. well fingers and hands...LOL! I slept like crap last night which did not help me prepare for this long day. I hit the ground running to get ready, get to the sale and work. Trained newer members on checkout, helped wrangle customers, and pretty much ran from here to there. I do much better being on the go and NOT sitting in one place.. so MANY THANKS to you great ladies in the *Godfather Den* who did nothing BUT sit, and type, and type and type. You guys are wonderful!

Now I am so tired I am sitting here.. just waiting for the bedtime fairy to come put me to bed....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Since we are on the subject.....

Today was definitely a nap day. I pulled the littles onto my lap and covered us with a comforter and turned on the tv to try to get them to relax and fall asleep. I turned on Food TV and it was 30 minute meals. It was the last 5 minutes and R. R. was plating her meal. ( You have to know that the kids ADORE Racheal Ray.) So she puts some bruscetta on her plate, then she puts some salad.. all the while going on and on about how wonderful these flavors are. She then grabs a pot of Lentils and spoons a HUGE pile onto the plate. Both kids automatically react with "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" All of the sudden Andrew points out that " that stuff looks like poop mama!" I laughed b/c it did appear to be rather unappealing. She then places 2 links if sausage on top of the lentils. Maddie laughs and tells her brother " Look Andrew, it looks like she put poop ON the poop!"

What nice age....

Fun and Games with Daddy..

As I have blogged before Michael has *unique* ways to entertain the kids when I am not around. I had my Mothers of Multiples meeting on Monday night and the kids were telling me on Tuesday that they played *pictures* with the easel. Michael later explained that they played pictionary- He drew pictures and awarded points for the one who guessed the correct answer.

SO tonight after we had all gone out to walk Sunnie and run around we headed in for showers and random picking up. After all bathes were taken and teeth were brushed we were spending some time with the kids. Andrew and Ben were arguing over the easel and Ben ended up sent to couch to watch only. Andrew started to draw and was trying to get everyone to guess what he was drawing. (I was reading and did not have my glasses on so I was not watching this until Michael directed me to.)

Andrew draws his picture and Michael told him he needed a clue. Andrew looks at his Daddy and he purses his lips and goes " PWSTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" " PWSTHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Michael was not getting it. He tells Michael he needs another. So Andrew looks at him and starts to motion a swirling motion going down toward the floor and tells his Daddy " going down, going all the way down." At this last clue Ben jumps up and yells " It's POOP!" Andrew jumped up and down and yelled. "YES! I drawed POOP! You win Ben!"

That's my little artist......

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Madeline and Andrew turned FOUR!

Today my babies turned 4. Such a bittersweet time for me. I am so excited for all they are doing and learning but so sad that I am moving so far from that sweet small baby stage. Back in December I bought the Melissa and Doug double sided easel for them and stuffed it in the closet. The deal was way to great to skip out on that night while lurking on

Monday night I slipped out with Ben to hit a local store to get spill proof pain cups, rolls of paper and paint brushes to go with the easel. We then walked down to the Hallmark and Ben picked out a Webkinz for each sibling. It was Michael's idea but we let them come from Ben. I was under STRICT instructions to NOT pick out anything silly or *gay*- ex. a snake, a gerbil or maybe a frog.... Michael thinks the Cow Webkinz I picked out for Ben for Christmas falls in that category although Ben absolutely adores his cow... Bennie. SO Ben picks out a white Lamb for Madeline and INSISTED that his brother needed the.... TREEFROG! No amount of argument of suggestion worked. Michael looked at me like I was crazy.

Last night I had Ben help me wrap the small items we bought. I also informed him we would be surprising the kids with an evening out at Chuck E Cheese and then the ice cream shop(cold stone- I am the queen of online coupon specials!)

This morning I woke as normal to get Ben ready for school. He was SO excited and got read quickly. Andrew was up early as that is his way. Madeline was still asleep in bed but he was NOT going to let that last long. He ran in a awoke her up by throwing her wrapped gift from him and yelling she needed to come open it in the living room before he left. Both kids were THRILLED about their Webkinz. Andrew was even more excited when he realized that he could now spin the Wheel of WOW himself! LOL.

The day proceeded as normal. We had breakfast and headed out to the library for reading time. We stated late and I allowed them to play on the computers for a while. They begged me to go to *Taco Bells* for lunch so we did. We brought daddy home lunch and spent time playing *video games* on Xbox and watching Little Einsteins. We decided to go to Pizza Hut and get evening Buffet but when we got to the one by CEC we realized they no longer DO the buffet at night... ARGGGG! SO we just ordered and ate quickly so we could get to playing.

Who would have ever imagined that CEC would be PACKED to capacity on a Weds evening? Since it was such a special day we HAD to wait in the stinking line and go in. The place was packed. When we finally got to the counter and paid for tokens I found out WHY. A local school was doing fundraiser night. Oh Yeah.....

We spent out 140 tokens and ended up leaving with the tickets. They were so understaffed and we refused to wait any longer. It was just too late to do the ice cream so we headed home. Michael stopped and ran into Acme and grabbed the tiniest cake I have ever seen. We came home and put candles in that. Sang and cut cake. 3 glasses of milk manged to get spilled during this short lived festivity...

Everyone is tucked into bed, faces and hands scrubbed, teeth brushed and rinsed in fluoride. Kids still have not opened their easel! Friday the in laws will come over and we will do dinner and they will get the real cake/ice cream party kind of birthday night.

Back Again...A little more focused.

Almost daily I have looked at this blog and just not had the UMPH to write. Life just moving on here as normal.

February is always a tough month for me as that is the month of my fathers birthday as well as his passing.. And my grandfathers passing- which happens to have been ON my fathers birthday. Then there is my niece's birthday, one of me dearest friends twin daughters birthday and my cousins baby girl- her birthday... all which ALSO happen to fall on the day my father was born... SO PLEASE nothing else EVER happen on the 9th of February. Then my previously mentioned dear friend- her birthday IS the day my father passed away in 1992- then 8 days later is MY birthday.. which is also the birthday of a cousin, the day before this is the birthday of my brother in law. THEN the following week is the anniversary of my sister and brother in law....
Ben was ill and was off school a few days with the random winter viral illness that needs no run to the DR. I ended up catching his junk and it settled into my sinuses so that is starting to go away FINALLY. Then there was the Mothers of Multiples outing I organized and got to go to alone due to all three kids having the start of a cold.... SO for a short month I deal with a lot of stuff!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Interior Design

Andrew decorated the doors last night instead of going to bed when I told him to. He dug his monkeys out of the toy box and hung them on the door handles. His rational? "I want the doors pwetty"
Who can argue with that?

Dog Gone...

This is what happens when two three year old children play with the bag of dog food before it makes it to the kitchen. I had brought the 18lb bag upstairs and had put it down to deal with something else more pressing. They decided it was a fun thing to drag around and lay on. I yelled at them and they finally left it alone. So after dinner I was straightening and went to grab the bag to pour into the big container. I flipped it UP over my shoulder and it started to RAIN dog food. Almost a third of the bag was on my feet before I realized it was the seam that had given way and NOT a tear. Dropped the bag and repositioned it. Took it and dumped it. Then I grabbed the camera. I KNEW Sunnie would be enjoying this tragedy. She got her fill then Andrew and I hand scooped the rest into her food dispenser. Then we got to do a full on living room/hallway/kids room clean up! So the carpet is nice and clean this morning!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shaking her head in wonder...

This week the news was hit with two stories of unthinkable loss.. in California and now Ohio there are cases of familial murder-suicide after the family lost thier income and obvioulsy felt such desperation that this was how they dealt with it.. and I read this on CNN today...

Florida couple pays $155K to have dog cloned
Posted: 12:35 PM ET
(CNN) — Every dog has his day, but Sir Lancelot — or at least his carbon copy — has a second one.
A Boca Raton, Florida, couple paid a California firm $155,000 to clone their beloved Labrador Retriever, who died from cancer a year ago. The clone, a 10-week-old puppy dubbed Lancey, was hand-delivered to them earlier this week by Lou Hawthorne, chairman of BioArts International.
Edgar and Nina Otto said they began thinking about cloning Sir Lancelot about five years ago. “I said ‘Well, you know, it wouldn’t hurt to have his DNA frozen,’ and that’s what we did,” Nina Otto told CNN affiliate WPBF.
The Ottos were one of five families to bid and win a BioArts auction for a chance to clone their family dog, according to a BioArts statement. Lancey is the world’s first commercially-cloned dog, the company said; the Ottos are the first of six current clients to receive their clone.

Un Flippin Believeable... So help me if I HEAR about them getting foreclosed on...


Maddie just tells me this..

"I heard something strange in my room Mama. It was Jesus. He was in my room"

So i say.."really? Jesus is in your room!"

"NO! it was God.. HE was in my room. He was Praying..Like this ( demonstrates praying hands) and he said he loves all the little children"

She then shakes her head up and down and repeats. " It was strange, strange.. it was strange"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Musical Interpretation..

The kids really like to sing.. I gave up on correcting their errors and just embracing them because they are too funny.

Maddie likes to sing "Up on the House Top"- "....Up on the house top clik clik clik.. down through the chimney with his friend Nick"

She is also a Bon Jovi Fan..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOO we haf way thereah OHHHHOOOHHHH Livin on a prawah take my hand and your making me swearah.. OHHHOHOHH Livin on a pra-wah.....

Ben ( when not grounded) is a hard working drummer on Rock Band. Here I thought he was working hard on the drumming only.. But he is absorbing the words too..

He caught me offf guard singing Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert yesterday.
"I'm going home gonna get my shopgun go to the door and take a single rest"

Michael had no idea what he was trying to say but I knew b/c I listen to her music. The actual words are "I'm going home, gonna load my shotgun, wait by the door, an light a cigarette"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Barack Obama's biggest fan....

Maddie LOVES Barack Obama. I am not sure why.. she surely doesn't understand politics, (we are still mastering look before you enter the road) she has no idea the significance of the first Black President or the race involving women in top roles.. Nope.. She is just infatuated with the soon to be Mr. President.

Or so I thought...

Tonight while Ben was reading to us from his school Weekly Reader Madeline joined us at the table and looked on to see what he was reading about. All of the sudden she jumps up in her seat and gets all excited yelling.. LOOK! LOOK! its Barack Obama!


Ben was reading to us about Martin Luther King Jr.

So I thought about it and came to this conclusion. We live in an area that has a very low percentage of any minority, with the exception of Hispanic migrant workers in the summer pretty much all you see in the Hartville area are Caucasian people. Heck the kids are not overly interested in Old Order Amish or Mennonite people when they see them. There are only a few black families at our church, that attend the service we do, so unless their kids are the same age they don't see them in the classrooms. The don't see many others that are not Caucasian and when they do they have not noticed there is a skin color difference. Ben just realized tonight he was white and MLK JR was black.

So I conclude this.. Maddie thinks all Black men in a business suit are named Barack Obama.. I definitely want to see her watch TV Monday AND Tuesday...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don't we all just LOVE Chuck E. Cheese?

Taken from

Jan 10, 2009
During the past three years, Fairlawn police have been called to the Chuck E. Cheese's on West Market Street 49 times.
That's more calls than any other stand-alone business in the city — including bars.
Only Summit Mall, a 120-store behemoth, produces more police reports.
Apparently, this is not particularly unusual. The Chuckster seems to be developing a national reputation for disorderly conduct.
If you haven't parented young kids during the past couple of decades, Chuck E. Cheese's is a nationwide chain of human anthills that are half-gaming parlor, half-pizza parlor, designed specifically for children. Well, except for the beer and wine.
I always thought the availability of alcohol was a well-conceived bribe to win over parents who normally would not be amenable to spending a couple of hours in a place where the noise level approximates that of the Blue Angels' afterburners.
Over the years, I have occasionally screwed up my courage and ventured into the never-ending whirl of yelling, running, screaming, jumping, falling, leaping and crashing. I am always struck not only by the incongruity between fuzzy robotic cartoon animals and free-flowing Budweiser, but also by the big age range among the kids.
Obviously, a big age range creates big size differences. And when large kids and small kids are mingling in an atmosphere of perpetual chaos — crawling through mazes and diving into small plastic balls — things can get a bit dicey.
Mix in a wide cross section of adults — including the type who never use their turn signals and wouldn't hold the door for somebody without a court order — and perhaps it's no wonder things can get a bit messy. Or more.
Major blow-ups According to the Wall Street Journal, law-enforcement officials across the country say Chuck E. has played host to a remarkable number of arguments and fights, mostly involving adults.
At some locations, the confrontations have been so heated that maybe Chuck E. — a smiling mouse who wears a ball cap — ought to vacate in favor of the Chucky in the horror movies. In Brookfield, Wis., last year, seven cops were needed to break up a melee involving 40 people who were knocking over chairs and screaming at each other right in front of the stage where a singing chicken and a guitar-playing hound dog deliver their merry tunes.That was only one of 12 fights there that required police action. Whack-a-Mole, indeed.
In Toledo, four mothers were arrested after a brawl that followed an argument about the length of time someone's daughters were hanging out at a drawing machine. Ten people squared off. In the featured bout, one loving mother was using the entrance rope as makeshift nunchucks, swinging the metal hook at another of the loving mothers. What's next, beer pong in convents?
''A lot of it is perceived actions against children, or somebody bumps into somebody and it becomes verbal,'' Fairlawn Police Chief Kenneth Walsh says. ''And a lot of it . . . is the 'Mother Bear' feeling. They're protecting their children. There's a dispute over [game] tokens or somebody thinks another customer is using a machine too long, and it becomes argumentative.'' Walsh says none of his 49 disturbances ended in an arrest. Often, he says, at least one of the squabbling parties has departed by the time officers arrive.
Jackson is mellower In contrast to Fairlawn's track record, Chuck E.'s joint on The Strip in Jackson Township seems downright sedate.Jackson Township Police Chief Harley Neftzer says that last year, his department was called to only four incidents that merited a report: two thefts, a fire and a shoving match in the parking lot. ''I don't have any grandkids yet,'' Neftzer says, ''but I wouldn't be hesitant about sending anybody at all to our particular location.''
The Chuck E.'s are owned by a Texas company, CEC Entertainment, which runs more than 525 of them, 19 in Ohio and three near Akron. The third is in Parma, near Parmatown Mall. A spokesman for the Parma Police Department says their Chuck's doesn't have a reputation for brawling, but that things have not always been dreamy.
''For a while, they were hiring our officers to work in there because of incidents of theft and things of that nature,'' Detective Marty Compton says. ''You know, a parent gets up to go play with their kid and all of a sudden somebody walks out with a purse.''
Liquid courage?
Although mixing toddlers and booze might sound dissonant, authorities say alcohol usually is not a factor in the flare-ups. Nationally, only a few Chuck E.'s have discontinued liquor sales. Beer and wine are still available in this area, including Jackson Township, where Chuck has been leading a mellow life.
Lindsey Phillabaum, a manager there, attributes the lack of arguments to her particular clientele. She also says employees try to swoop down on any conflicts before they escalate.
In Fairlawn, says General Manager Jamie Rohrer, the problem is not so much the type of people but their number. ''It's just because it's crowded,'' she says. ''People just get irritated. When it comes to people's kids, they just get off the edge.'' Her palace of overstimulation has taken to hiring off-duty sheriff's deputies on winter weekends, which are the biggest period of the year both for crowds and disagreements.
But keep in mind that, even in Fairlawn, you're not exactly taking your life in your hands. Conflicts are relatively rare, and often a good time can be had by all.
Even adults (not mentioning any names) have been known to revel in some of the games of skill. As corporate spokeswoman Brenda Holloway points out, ''We served approximately 75 million people in 2008, and the occurrences are actually very rare.'' Still, whether Chuck E. Cheese's is consistently ''a magical place for families,'' as its telephone greeting insists, is open to debate.

I was holding my breath until I got to the part that MY local CECwas the good one.. Not that we go there that often but at least when we do the chance of my getting into a rumble with some spastic mother hen is on the low end..... Personally I have always wondered WHY an establishment that is for the entertainment of young children sold alcohol. Sure many people need to numb out the loud annoying noises.. But doesn't this just encourage drinking and driving? And since I DOUBT that every child leaving there (with their handfuls of balloons, cotton candy and cheap toys) is properly buckled into a child safety seat... we are very lucky to NOT hear of more accidents on the strip/portage/Everhard roads...

Then there are the issues of cleanliness, germs and it being a pedophiles paradise.... Thanks anyway.. We will just avoid it as much as possible!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why the hold up???? Charge him NOW

Boy, 4, shoots babysitter for stepping on his foot
January 05, 2009 9:08 PM EST
JACKSON, Ohio - Police say an angry 4-year-old Ohio boy grabbed a gun from a closet and shot his baby sitter. Nathan Beavers, 18, was hospitalized Sunday with minor wounds to his arm and side after the shotgun attack. Police say another teen was also injured.
Witnesses told police the child was angry because Beavers accidentally stepped on his foot. Beavers was watching the child at a mobile home in Jackson with several other teenagers and several other children.
Jackson County Sheriff John Shasteen says authorities are investigating. The child has not been charged.

What are they waiting for??? Get on the ball people CHARGE this 4 year old with something, lock him up, stand him in a corner.. SOMETHING.... There are random teenagers at risk....

Can we all say it together.. SUPERVISION.. and repeat... SUPERVISION....

Now lets see what the parents have to say about WHY this kid had the access, the ammunition and the ability to shoot his big footed sitter....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sense of purpose.

I woke today with such a sense of purpose! I had set the alarm because we have gotten lazy during vacation and my *Internal Alarm Clock Andrew* has been failing me with his prompt 730 wakings. Alarm rang. I stretched, jumped up, headed to the kitchen and made coffee while loading the dishwasher. Took my shower and am drinking my coffee.. SO many things can and need to be done today..

OOPS! Here is my alarm clock boy now!

I have a running list in me head of what needs to be done right away after church so I can get it all done... Hopefully everyone cooperates and I can push them all along my planned out path..

I'll try to update later whether I stay the track or like new years diets I fail just out of the gate:0