Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time to use those brand new permanent markers..

I defrosted a freezer bag of cooked chicken yesterday. Half the bag went onto a yummy BBQ chicken pizza.. The rest was just staring at me in the fridge. The obvious answer is soup. Too bad my people don't like soup. Then I thought about a MoM's friend who just had a baby.. Soup is a simple lunch.. you scoop out the veggies and noodles and give that to the kids. So I decided to whip it up and then let it do its thing while I ran a few errands.
Into the fridge/freezer I went. Last of a bag of carrots, few stalks of celery, bay leaves, frozen quart bag of homemade chicken stock, baggies of leftover canned broth I froze instead of wasting.
Into the pot went the frozen broth to defrost. I scraped and chopped the carrots, finely chopped the celery leaves and chunked the celery down.. perfect sizes for toddler fingers. I grabbed a can of broth to give more liquid. A few shakes of black pepper, a few garlic cloves cracked for a fresher homemade flavor. I tossed the veggies into the liquid and turned the crock pot on to warm. I figure I will toss the hot liquid into the crock and the veggies will have lots of time to soften.
Before I go to dump the soup I grab a spoon to taste for seasoning... The first taste was not right... I stirred it a bit more and tried again...

CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! That last little baggie was not the dregs of a can of broth.. it was lemon juice..... Now only if I were Greek could I save this pot....

Sorry Amanda... No soup for you!