Saturday, April 4, 2009

What seemed like a good idea...

Sunday after the Multiples club Easter party we went and met the in laws for a quick dinner. We headed home and took a detour up Wise ave and Michael thought the kids might like to feed the ducks at Price Park some of the leftover PBJ's we had. So we stop. No one else was there b/c they were smart enough to realize IT WAS FREEZING! I bundle the kids up and divvy out sammies. Andrew enjoys throwing entire sandwiches at a duck then CHASING it and screaming DUCK at the tops of his lungs. We were not sure who to be concerned for a) The duck that might get smooshed by him OR b) Andrew who might be bitten by a ticked off duck. So we yelled at him to STOP harassing the poor ducks. But he stayed near enough the parking lot so he was fine. Ben was feeding and chasing but not quite as obnoxious as Andrew. Madeline was doing a good job of feeding and entertaining but started to wander. So after having to focus on Andrew and his duck chasing we notice Maddie has ventured TOO close to the pond. She was standing right next to it. Not ON the wall but next to it. For most 4 year olds this might not be too much of an issue BUT Madeline is special. She often times cannot stand on her own two feet on flat ground without losing her balance and tripping over the air in front of her..SO we yell at her to step back a few jumps. She yells back "I'm fine" we yell again to MOVE BACK. she finally does. At the exact moment that she has moved back into a safer spot Ben comes running out of nowhere towards her pretending to chase a duck. As he gets closer to the pond he makes a turn to keep running back towards the parking lot..... BUT......He hits a muddy puddle.. that was not so much a MUD puddle but a POOP puddle.. Yep.. duck poo... total body slide. The kind that would win him accolades and great rewards in the baseball diamond but NOT so much in this situation. He gets up and is covered. Michael and I look at each other and all I can say is " guess he IS getting a bath tonight." I open the van and grab my pack of diaper wipes and antibacterial wipes. 1. I make him wipe his hands about 10 times. After each wipe he tosses that into the trash and gets another wipe. 2. I carefully remove the poop coat and offer more wipes. 3. I have him remove his shoes which I lay IN the poop coat. 4. I lift him into the van and make him remove his pants( his only worn twice khakis). We go home- obviously we are not dressed to go anywhere else at this time...So we get home and I make everyone strip in the laundry room. I dumped my LAST scoop of Oxyclean,2 scoops of Borax and a LOT of super hot water into a large pot I use for soaking stuff like this. I put in Maddies tights and both boys khakis into the bucket and use a hanger to push it all in to be soaked. The rest of the night was full body scrubs and bedtime routines... I left the laundry to soak. So the goal of today was to wash poopy coat, poopy clothing, my own jacket( just in case) and the party clothing which all managed to have Easter colored paint on it. Michelle- I question the washable -ness of the pink paint.. I think you were lied too!

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