Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exhaustion...week in review

Michael was traveling this past week. I never sleep great when he is gone. For one I stay up too late because that is the ONLY time I have peace and quiet. Then I end up sleeping like crap because I actually have the entire bed to myself and the room is quiet. SO I guess you can say I have grown accustomed to listening to snoring and farting and fighting for my leg room...LOL

So he left on Monday afternoon and drove to Columbus and returned Thursday night. He was coming in at dinner time so I was able to plan and prepare a nice dinner. I don't waste my time putting a lot of effort into meals when he is gone- no one appreciates it! I actually use weeks he is gone to play Mother Hubbard and use whatever we have in the freezer, fridge and pantry all up. Saves money and keeps me creative! LOL

So Monday night after a quick dinner we had to head to the mall. If you read the previous post you already know Ben ruined his shoes with duck poo.. They were already starting to fall a part I found out so it was time to replace anyway. So we hit SEARS and grabbed a new pair of Sketchers then we went upstairs to use the potty (duh) and then I actually found a few deals on the clearance rack. ( It is about time they started to actually use clearance prices and not just a few dollars off). Grabbed a few dresses for next winter for Maddie- although now I question if they will be long enough then for Miss. Leggs ( bought a 5 and a 6!). Andrew has a handful of jackets from Ben but they all seem small on him. I grabbed a beautiful fleece lines jacket for him for 3.99! Bought it in a 5 so it will fit all fall on my *little* man! Ben's sizes were slim picking but I managed to grab a long sleeved shirt for next year and a pair of pants for next year also. I also grabbed a hat/glove/scarf set for 2.99. I really should go back and buy a few more. Or maybe I should go to the school and find all the matches to the ones I have singles of here...

Pretty much the rest of the week was uneventful. Worked around the house, Library time, homework and playing outside after school. Evenings are the pain in the neck with nice weather. Dragging the kids in to make dinner, eat that, give baths, pick up the bedrooms/living room/kitchen and get everyone into bed before it is totally dark outside.. For this reason alone I cannot wait until summer.

The kids were so excited that Daddy was coming home on Thursday. I had Sweet potatoes baking in the oven, chicken thawed to grill, bread rising to be baked. Michael got home and pulled into the driveway. I yelled at the kids( who were scattered all over the neighborhood) to come home daddy was home. Ignored. I think he was home almost 20m before I managed to drag everyone and their bikes home...Welcome home daddy...LOL

So now it is Saturday. I need to finish his work clothing laundry and get that dried and ready to repack b/c he leaves again on Monday. This time I have EVERYONE all day, all week due to spring break. I am already planning my days to keep everyone busy and off each others nerves....

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