Thursday, May 21, 2009

There is only one ice cream bar left in the freezer...

We were outside playing in the yard this evening and Andrew comes up to me as asks for a Popsicle. I told him we had none( which is true). He tells me I am wrong that there in fact is one left. I tell him I am sorry but we have no Popsicles in the freezer BUT I will buy some at the store tomorrow. "Yes there is mama!( stomping his little foot), it is long, and skinny and bwown and has a stick in it!"..... AHHHH! I know what he is talking about now... so I tell him that THAT is an ice cream bar and we only have ONE left. Since there is only ONE left I cannot let him have it because that will not be fair to his brother or sister OR the two neighbor boys who are playing with us. Andrew looks at me and replies " If they go back to they owns house and daddy and Ben and Maddie gets lost.. then I will be only one and I can have the bwown thing!"

Smart boy!

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