Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why I Coupon...

I am really lucky to have a local grocery store that doubles coupons. Giant Eagle doubles coupons up to .99. (They also have a gas promotion where for every 50.00 you spend you get .20 off every gallon of gas. )

So I collect coupons. A LOT of coupons. Every couple weeks I get a sackful of coupons from the inlaws who gather them from friends- Grandfather in law finds it interesting that I get so excited about coupons. Here is an example of WHY I get giddy when presented with coupons.

Marcal/Small Steps is a paper product brand that is more organic b/c it is recycled and environment friendly. They also are way overpriced. IMHO! But they put out pretty good coupons. Not good enough to use regularly but I cut and save them Just.In.Case. and I waited.. patiently...

Last week the new sale ad came out and I flipped when I saw that this brand of TP/PT/Napkins was on sale 2 for $4.00. I grabbed my coupons and planned my attack. I ran out and bought everything I could. Then over the weekend I received my much coveted sack of coupons and my Sunday paper had 4 fliers in it... I set to work after dinner. MORE COUPONS!!!

When all is said and done I used coupons that were for 2.00 each item, 1.50 off each item and 1.00 each item.

On my 2 shopping trips I purchased.

6- 2 packs of paper towels
9-4packs (double roll) toilet paper
2-250ct pack of napkins.

Total cost.....$ 9.00!

That saves me a run to BJ's to stock up on my paper goods!

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