Monday, February 14, 2011

Hacky Valentines Day.

Yes, Hacky.... as in Cough, cough, choke cough...As in Influenza!

Saturday we decided to go out to dinner. We did not even leave the house until at least 530pm. Everyone was fine. In the amount of time it took us to drive into Belden and go to CiCi's Andrew was pale with flushed cheeks and obviously fevered. He went back and forth from shaking and wearing a coat to fine. We ran our errands and headed home. I popped some Tylenol in him and sent him to bed. At midnight I took him to the bathroom and dosed him with Advil.

Sunday morning I woke up coughing, Michael woke up coughing and Andrew was still a Hot Mess.. Literally..I decided I needed to get food in the house before I was full blown sick.. Good choice on my part. Michael ended up making dinner and I ended up napping from 630pm until 9pm. I got up long enough to have a cup of hot, sodium free, chicken broth ( AKA- nasty).

This morning Madeline and Ben were healthy still so they were shipped off to school. I called the Dr office and was told to come on in since the Dr was already in. I LOVE it when that happens. Of course Andrew decided at THAT moment to start puking in the bathroom sink. Yeah for being tall enough to make in into the sink! (as a mom I have learned to appreciate the small blessings thrown my way)

We see the Dr. She checks him out. She asks if anyone else is sick. I nod.. "Michael and I are too" She asks for our symptoms. I tell her all about our joys.. She diagnoses us all with influenza. Tells me to keep doing what we are doing, Tylenol and motrin swap, fluids, and lots of rest. She advises me to not bother going to the Dr for myself, Tami flu is not all that it is cracked up to be. Will only help shorted the duration of the illness minimally, we are otherwise healthy, the cost is $$ and the side effects are nasty! Good enough for me!

So my second blessing of the day was only 1 office visit co-pay!

Since everything comes in threes I consider that Ben and Madeline got off the bus still healthy my third blessing.

Fingers crossed that I do not have to edit that last line...

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