Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More writing..

I was volunteering today and Madeline's teacher Mrs. Tobin handed me this paper to read. She had been absent on Monday after she fell and injured her knee over the weekend. She had the substitute give a writing assignment about a time the kids got hurt.

Madeline wrote.

I was walking home fome bob evins and I tript on a bump. I skekapt my ney and it starid to bled. My mom put a band aid on my ney.

I had to laugh because that happened on Sunday night so the *injury* was the fresh on her mind. The blood she was referring to was just the tiniest amount from the skin rubbing off.. But ointment and bandages were necessary to make her world better!

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betty r said...

I love how the children spell..makes me smile!
Thank you for your kind comment over on our blog.