Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Reading

This has been a slow read month for me. I have been just too danged busy with the twins turning 6, preparing for school carnival, Twins club events and state paper work.. that I have had no energy for my own reading.

This is what I have!

America's Cheapest Family- Steve and Annette Economides
Pretty self explainable.. plus they have been on TODAY enough times! The are well known for their frugal-ness and they are willing to share the info. Many of their ideas go way to frugal for me.. but I was able to gather some nifty info! Easy read!

The Coupon Mom's guide to cutting your grocery bills in half- Stephanie Nelson
This lady has made a name for herself for figuring out how to use coupons. Good guide for those who are coupon illiterate...

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