Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sense of purpose.

I woke today with such a sense of purpose! I had set the alarm because we have gotten lazy during vacation and my *Internal Alarm Clock Andrew* has been failing me with his prompt 730 wakings. Alarm rang. I stretched, jumped up, headed to the kitchen and made coffee while loading the dishwasher. Took my shower and am drinking my coffee.. SO many things can and need to be done today..

OOPS! Here is my alarm clock boy now!

I have a running list in me head of what needs to be done right away after church so I can get it all done... Hopefully everyone cooperates and I can push them all along my planned out path..

I'll try to update later whether I stay the track or like new years diets I fail just out of the gate:0

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Gigi said...

I was awakened at that same time by someone who 'never dreams', insisting that someone better "come over here how or I'll come and get you" in his dreams. I had to laugh, I thought he was telling me I was snoring again.