Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shaking her head in wonder...

This week the news was hit with two stories of unthinkable loss.. in California and now Ohio there are cases of familial murder-suicide after the family lost thier income and obvioulsy felt such desperation that this was how they dealt with it.. and I read this on CNN today...

Florida couple pays $155K to have dog cloned
Posted: 12:35 PM ET
(CNN) — Every dog has his day, but Sir Lancelot — or at least his carbon copy — has a second one.
A Boca Raton, Florida, couple paid a California firm $155,000 to clone their beloved Labrador Retriever, who died from cancer a year ago. The clone, a 10-week-old puppy dubbed Lancey, was hand-delivered to them earlier this week by Lou Hawthorne, chairman of BioArts International.
Edgar and Nina Otto said they began thinking about cloning Sir Lancelot about five years ago. “I said ‘Well, you know, it wouldn’t hurt to have his DNA frozen,’ and that’s what we did,” Nina Otto told CNN affiliate WPBF.
The Ottos were one of five families to bid and win a BioArts auction for a chance to clone their family dog, according to a BioArts statement. Lancey is the world’s first commercially-cloned dog, the company said; the Ottos are the first of six current clients to receive their clone.

Un Flippin Believeable... So help me if I HEAR about them getting foreclosed on...

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