Friday, January 30, 2009

Dog Gone...

This is what happens when two three year old children play with the bag of dog food before it makes it to the kitchen. I had brought the 18lb bag upstairs and had put it down to deal with something else more pressing. They decided it was a fun thing to drag around and lay on. I yelled at them and they finally left it alone. So after dinner I was straightening and went to grab the bag to pour into the big container. I flipped it UP over my shoulder and it started to RAIN dog food. Almost a third of the bag was on my feet before I realized it was the seam that had given way and NOT a tear. Dropped the bag and repositioned it. Took it and dumped it. Then I grabbed the camera. I KNEW Sunnie would be enjoying this tragedy. She got her fill then Andrew and I hand scooped the rest into her food dispenser. Then we got to do a full on living room/hallway/kids room clean up! So the carpet is nice and clean this morning!

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