Friday, March 27, 2009

"The electric bill is too expensive"

That is the line we told Madeline and Andrew last night when to informed them no more nightlight in their room. Actually it is a real light. The room is weird and has a light in the center of the room and one that aims into the closet. We put a low wattage bulb in that one and that is what stays on all night. BUT lately we (I) have had too many middle of the night visitors and was getting perturbed with the invasion. So Michael said no more light.

We waited until bed time and he told them the electric bill was too high and since they are now FOUR they can be like Ben. All light will be off and they will have their bedroom door open instead of shut. We HIGHLY doubted that would fly. We anticipated tears and crying and whining. What we actually got was 2 sleeping kids. Someone came to my bed sometime during the night. I am not sure b/c I did not look and told them to go back to bed.. and he/she did! :)

So here I type. 8:22am and my babies are still in bed.. Unbelievable... totally... Especially because Andrew has a habit of getting up before Ben...

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Lani said...

That is too funny- I will remember that line:)
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