Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peer Pressure WORKS!

Yesterday(Saturday) I took Maddie out for a few errands and left the boys to clean up the yard and play. When we arrived home about 90m later I was Shocked and Amazed, when I pulled into the driveway, to see Andrew come speeding down the driveway at me on TWO WHEELS!. Michael was watching him and me to see my reaction. He was flying down the driveway and up and down the road.. like he had been doing this for months.. not minutes!

Apparently while I was gone he took the wrench and removed his own training wheels. Michael decided to roll with it and found gloves, knee pads and a helmet and pushed him along. It took minutes and he was on his way. Ben, the group giver-upper, threw himself to the ground upon seeing his baby brother riding away. Ben doesn't like to ride his bike and anything he cannot get in .04 seconds is not worth any effort on his part. Michael tried to get him to ride but he refused. Oh well...

SO this afternoon, after church and lunch we head outside to enjoy the lovely November Indian Summer weather. Maddie starts pulling off her training wheels b/c if Andrew can do it so can she. Ben was whining and being a brat... I have no problem with that term! Maddie started to get it and was coasting up and down the road. Ben... not so much. I asked the neighbors if we could borrow their two wheeler that is smaller then Bens- no problem! He refused. Practically the entire neighborhood was outside and he just refused and walked away.

By this time Maddie has gotten it. Bill and Alice have arrived ( g-grandfather and *Auntee*). Bill is working with the kids giving pointers to Maddie and determined to get Ben on a bike. I told him to go grab Anthony's bike next door to try it. Andrew was wanting his brother to do it so badly he rode over and walked back the bigger bike. THEN he ran back to get his bike. After much cajoling we finally got Ben on the bike. Gave the talk about balance and not leaning to the sides. The next thing you know he is gone! Riding up the road like he has been doing it all summer! I had tears in my eyes.. FINALLY he feels a triumph! The BEST BEST BEST part was that as he was riding up the road and WE were screaming and yelling at him all the neighbors can running to see him shouting congratulations to him. He so needed that.

What an amazing 24 hours..All 3 of my children found their wings and are their ability to ride Big kid bikes!

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Anonymous said...

Woot! Way to go, kids!