Monday, November 2, 2009

Stick a fork in me I am done!

Today has been a whirlwind kinda day! I managed to snag an early appointment to get Ben in to the Pediatrician so I took him with me to drop the littles off at preschool. As a special treat I picked him up a kids hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream at Starbucks. He was so excited about his special cup! In and out at the Ped.. 1 ear infection. Then I picked up my cell phone at the Sprint store and we hit the mall.. Maddie longlegs needs legging and pants that fit. So we wandered the mall until the stores opened at 1030am. Looked around, bought little, rode escalators at Sears and ended our trip with breadsticks and root beer.. his all time favorite mall treat!
Just enough time to drop the prescription off at the store and pick up a few things.
Yesterday I had called a friend and told her I would be by tonight to watch her kids so they could go have an adult dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Since I was not needing to wait on Ben and the bus I told her we would be over before her Dr appt.. so they could both go and have the afternoon.

Seven children Seven years and under.. That sounds horrid.. It was not bad at all.. Loud maybe but not bad. Sure there were the expected like- random hair pulling, pushing, SHREEKING, laughing, giggling, name calling ( if I hear stupid again I might shreek myself). This house is perfect for marathon chasing I do admit. The rooms roll in and out of each other- when the gates are down the chasing in on. And they chased and laughed and screamed and shreeked. and I pretty much ignored it. I am sure there has to be 1 neighbor who was wondering what the hell was going on over there! LOL...

After friends returned we chatted a bit and then we packed up. Kids were exhausted and grumpy. Halfway home I get a call from my concerned hubby. He had dialed home on his cell by using the home button.. the phone rang twice and a man answered! He hung up and tried again.. this time it rang like normal and went to voice mail. Needless to say he was very concerned. I called neighbor#1.. her husband was out picking up a child from an activity. I called neighbor #2- her husband was out with 2 children. Neighbor#3 was home so he came over and came in the house with me to make sure things looked fine. Sadly it was the same as I left it hours earlier... I was hope I had been the victim of a drive by housekeeping.. So apparently the cell system crossed signals and either misdialed or just went goofy. Not the best night for that to happen.

Kids are in bed. Mama is tired. I would like to place my order for tomorrow to be a nice, quiet, uneventful laundry filled Tuesday!

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