Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am Thankful for my Pediatrician and her great staff!

I loved my old pediatrician but when Michael got his new job in March 07 our current office took every insuarance.. BUT our new one... GRRR! I had been very happy there with the staff and our primary Ped. Having to change against our wishes really bummed me out. With my background in CPS I have an intimate knowledge of the local Medical staff.. Whom I might be willing to go to and those whom I would not trust a stuffed animal too. I knew getting into one I wanted would be hard. But I had no problem whining and begging and using my life lines.... I am really pleased with Dr Kungle and Childrens Physicians. If I want my child seen it will happen. If I call with a question I get an answer.. No hemming and hawing.. No " WOW the Dr really needs to see your child".. cannot answer that on the phone kind of answers.

I will admit it. I am cheap. But on the other hand I am very intelligent and down to earth. WHY should I spend $20 per child to be told to buy an OTC medication for a cough. I can diagnose that myself. Recently I called in b/c i was wondering if this Upper Respiratory Junk was going on too long. I caved and called in. It was going on 3 weeks and Andrew was sounding like a little smoker. She said if I did not hear from the Dr then call my pharmacy after 12pm.. Within the hour the Dr called. Asked what was going on with the kids. What they were doing. I told her about the clear snot, the colored snot, the smokers laugh, bouncing Andrew on my knees and using his back ans my drum set, the elevated mattresses and humdifier. Instead of the " Bring them in" I was bracing myself for her response was " Sounds like your doing all you can.. this is the season.. Use Delsym if the cough is really causing him distress and of course call back if you get symptoms like ear infction of sore throat!" YEAH! Confirmation that I was on the right track and it was FREE!

Which brings me to today..... Yesterday afternoon Andrew fell asleep on my and when he woke he had huge gunk in his eyes.. I thought nothing of it.. Then later they start looking blood shot and gunky.. yeah... This morning his eye is more bloodshot and although I don't see gunk( he might have wiped it out himself) is is dull and off looking. I call the office hoping to get in since the copay for an office visit is $15.oo less then urgent care. I talk to a wonder nurse who patiently listens to my symptom list while I am chasing Andrew and the booger he is trying to blow on me. Her response to me. "Oh yuck that is no good.. Lets call you in a prescription.." and proceeds to get my info.. WHAT? No visit that I have to race through Belden traffic to get to? no picking up germs from sick waiting room kids? No getting there to see the eye looking 75% better? NOTHING but the meds.

I know if I sounded unsure of what was going on I could get in. If the symptoms were more pressing I would be seen and necessary attn received.. BUT I called in with questions and descriptions related to conjunctivitis/Pink eye and I will get... a medication!

I am so grateful for that! Now I guess I should go check on the coughing child huh?

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Anonymous said...

Ooooo - I am sooo jealous!!! We just switched peds so I haven't tested the "I know what's going on w/my kid so do I really have to bring him in to get a scrip for pink eye drops?" waters, but with our last one I had to bring them in for EVERYthing. I HATED that! Good luck w/the cough; Kayla's got the same thing going. Nice wet cough that's been going on for a couple of weeks now. She just can't shake it. :-(