Friday, November 14, 2008

Not Me!

Not me! Not me! That is all I hear these days.. at least when they are not blaming someone else for their faults. The latest was just this morning. I went to clean up the bathroom. I know 'nuff said! So I go in and grab a bag to dump the trash. Clean off the bathroom counter putting away toothpaste, brushes and combs. I go to open the window to get fresh air in there and I feel the wetness seep into my sock... EWWWWWWWWW! The grout in front of the toilet is discolored and wet. Nice. I look around and yes.. the entire side of the toilet is nasty.. I think we need to plan a toilet training seminar this weekend. So I pick up the trash can and the toilet brush and move them. I turn to put the stool into the tub to get it out of my way... and what do I see? YELLOW all over the inside of the tub.. I storm into the living room and ask Andrew if he peed in the tub.. He looks at me.. quiet and guilty like.. and says.. NOT ME. ARG!!!!!!

So the bathroom has had a total scrub down. It no longer has a urinal smell.... What am I going to do with these boys???

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