Saturday, March 21, 2009

Absolute and Total Exhaustion!

Today was the Spring/Summer Sale for the Mothers of Multiples club. We moved THOUSANDS of dollars of stuff.. and I mean we MOVED it. My entire body is beat. My feet from standing, my back from stopping to tear price tags and use the registers. My hands from everything that required.. well fingers and hands...LOL! I slept like crap last night which did not help me prepare for this long day. I hit the ground running to get ready, get to the sale and work. Trained newer members on checkout, helped wrangle customers, and pretty much ran from here to there. I do much better being on the go and NOT sitting in one place.. so MANY THANKS to you great ladies in the *Godfather Den* who did nothing BUT sit, and type, and type and type. You guys are wonderful!

Now I am so tired I am sitting here.. just waiting for the bedtime fairy to come put me to bed....


Mommy23miracles said...

amen....couldnt have said it better myself..i had fun though! thanks!

Triplethefunplus2 said...

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

We rocked!! Thanks to all you ladies that ran the registers and kept the people moving and passed out the cards and stalked the multiples MoMs that we knew were there!! My mission is to double membership this year! WE CAN DO IT!!