Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back Again...A little more focused.

Almost daily I have looked at this blog and just not had the UMPH to write. Life just moving on here as normal.

February is always a tough month for me as that is the month of my fathers birthday as well as his passing.. And my grandfathers passing- which happens to have been ON my fathers birthday. Then there is my niece's birthday, one of me dearest friends twin daughters birthday and my cousins baby girl- her birthday... all which ALSO happen to fall on the day my father was born... SO PLEASE nothing else EVER happen on the 9th of February. Then my previously mentioned dear friend- her birthday IS the day my father passed away in 1992- then 8 days later is MY birthday.. which is also the birthday of a cousin, the day before this is the birthday of my brother in law. THEN the following week is the anniversary of my sister and brother in law....
Ben was ill and was off school a few days with the random winter viral illness that needs no run to the DR. I ended up catching his junk and it settled into my sinuses so that is starting to go away FINALLY. Then there was the Mothers of Multiples outing I organized and got to go to alone due to all three kids having the start of a cold.... SO for a short month I deal with a lot of stuff!

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