Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun and Games with Daddy..

As I have blogged before Michael has *unique* ways to entertain the kids when I am not around. I had my Mothers of Multiples meeting on Monday night and the kids were telling me on Tuesday that they played *pictures* with the easel. Michael later explained that they played pictionary- He drew pictures and awarded points for the one who guessed the correct answer.

SO tonight after we had all gone out to walk Sunnie and run around we headed in for showers and random picking up. After all bathes were taken and teeth were brushed we were spending some time with the kids. Andrew and Ben were arguing over the easel and Ben ended up sent to couch to watch only. Andrew started to draw and was trying to get everyone to guess what he was drawing. (I was reading and did not have my glasses on so I was not watching this until Michael directed me to.)

Andrew draws his picture and Michael told him he needed a clue. Andrew looks at his Daddy and he purses his lips and goes " PWSTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" " PWSTHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Michael was not getting it. He tells Michael he needs another. So Andrew looks at him and starts to motion a swirling motion going down toward the floor and tells his Daddy " going down, going all the way down." At this last clue Ben jumps up and yells " It's POOP!" Andrew jumped up and down and yelled. "YES! I drawed POOP! You win Ben!"

That's my little artist......

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