Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dinnertime bribery works!

I made a dinner that I knew woudl not go over well: Turkey Mignon, twice baked potatos and chinese broccoli. I gave each child a small portion as well as a serving of applesauce. Ben immediatly starts to whine. Andrew tosses all the broccoli in his mouth without thought. Maddie starts in on her applesauce. I sat with them ( waiting to eat with Michael who was on a call in the office) and encourgaed them to try it all. I provided ketchup for those who have sauce issues. Ben was just being bratty and refused to try anything.. I KNOW if he just stops whining he will eat the turkey, applesauce and potatoes. He flat out refuses.

So I bring out the big guns.

I tell them all that whoever eats their dinner will get an ice cream sundae. (I just grabbed the leftover ice cream from my moms freezer today.) Maddie becomes a freaking mad woman. My non meat eater devours all her turkey and then eats the inside of the potato. I was in AWE! She was leary of the broccoli after she sampled the seasoning. I gave her credit.. ususally she eats an entire head of broccoli herself. So with Ben off in his own pout land and Andrew watching to see if I will give in we go make a sundae. I put vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whipped cream together.. along with their favorite a *magic* cherry. She proudly takes it to the table and starts eating it like there is no tomorrow.. bragging the whole time.

Look what I got!

Mine is the biggest ice cweam ever.

Lookey what I got.. YUMMY

All of the sudden she stand up and starts to moan.. it gets louder and louder and she flings herself across my lap..
RUB MY HEAD, rub my head mama.. it hurts mama.. my face hurts...

I was laughing so hard. My little girl has her first ice cream headache. All that showing off brought her pain and agony. I rub her for a moment and she jumps right back into her seat and cleans her bowl.

Andrew not to be outdone eats his turkey and takes 2 bites of his potato. He then goes to the kitchen to await my arrival so he could oversee the sundae building event. He was much more civilized in his eating and avoided the headache.

Dishes have been done and sadly.. Ben received no ice cream. stubbornness got the best of him again...

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