Tuesday, October 14, 2008

These kids.....

Are going to be the reason I suffer early insanity. I swear can ANYONE listen and follow simple directions.

DO not play in the water.

Pick up your toys in the living room and put them in YOUR room.

Stay out of Bens room.

See these are pretty basic and easy to follow. BUT.. they are still ignored.

I went to strip Bens bed today to change the sheets. As I pulled the sheet off I notice that the edging FALLS off the mattress causing the mattress side to fall off from the top.. Leaving me a cleare view od the inside of the mattress. NOW we already knew that a new mattress was necessary as this was Michaels way back in the day.. STILL... Thank You Madeline for lovingly tearing all the threads out of the seaming. That was so helpful.

So I leave that bed unmade to make sure that Michael saw this.. Tossed the blankets back on the bed until later.

While I was working on dinner I told all three to pick up the toys and put them away.. I knew I was being ignored by the screams of joy and laughter. I left eventually to stop all the fun and realized that Madeline and Andrew were playing in the bathroom sink and the floor was covered in water and wet towels. What an equal spanking opportunity!
I go back to finishing dinner while daddy gets to tell them how bad they are being. I eat quickly so I can shower before Parent Teacher Conference at 730pm. Quick shower and dressed.. OH CRAP! I need to make Bens bed. I stop in his room adn grab all the trash( his treasures I am sure) off the floor/dresser and pull the comforter off his bed.. The corner is wet.. dang kids obvioulsy spilled on this. I get everything off the bed and see that a good 1/4 of the mattress is DRENCHED in water.. I was so mad.. I coudl hardly see straight.. I KNOW that we need a new mattress and it is not a huge loss but still it pisses me off that I turn my head and they are terrorizing everything.. I swear they are worse now then when they were newly walking and really into everything.

So now I am getting finished to leave and Michael gets a call for work. I put the twins in bed at 7pm, send Ben to his room to pick up everything he already tossed on the floor since I picked it up half an hour earlier.

Then I hear the twins. LAUGHING

Go To Bed= jump off the dresser. DUH... I guess I should have known this.. So I spank them both on the butts now b/c I am really mad. They KNOW this is not allowed.

I storm downstairs and Michael is in his office, I look in and am like " I have to go NOW" he totally forgot I had to go talk to the teacher. He was no longer on a call.. just doing something.. I won't pretend to have a clue.

This day is almost over. I woke with a headache and killer sinus issues.. I end with the same headache and sinus crud.. I have medicated the best way I know how... Chocolate and Ice Cream.

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Triplethefunplus2 said...

A nice merlot is my best medicine for that kind of a day!!