Friday, October 24, 2008

Language and threats

I love this stage where they are learning new words all the time but pronunciation and usage is not perfect. If you ask Andrew where he lives he will say "Canton, Ho-Hi-Ho" He likes to talk about how daddy spent the week at work in "cowumbus"

Our regular attendance at First Christian Church,
is providing lots of new songs and stories from all the kids. Ben had me in tears a few weeks ago. They talked about the story of Steven and how he was stoned. To really send the story home they held a fake "stoning" They all crumpled up green paper and *STONED* one of the Childrens Ministry leaders b/c it was his birthday! I only hope that the next class birthday at school doesn't lead him to ball up his homework and start his own stoning...

Recently overheard while the children were playing.

Maddie- Stop it Andwew- that is mine
Andrew- No, I play wif it...
Maddie- Stop it Andwew, God is watching you.. God can see you.. He gonna be mad atch you!

Today is an inservice day so Ben is home. SO we are sitting at the table eating breakfast together and Ben does something.. I cannot even remember what it was(Isn't that sad?). I rolled me eyes at him and told him to just stop it. Mother Maddie had to interject and question her big brother with " Stop it Ben! Is that reawy Necessary?" I almost chocked on my cheerios!

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Triplethefunplus2 said...

We WILL get to church some time VERY soon! Thanks for that link!

Gotta love little mamas! lol