Thursday, October 23, 2008

M&M's- They do melt in the nose....

I am in the kitchen this afternoon doing dishes and talking to a friend on the phone. Maddie and Andrew keep trying to *help* me so I send them on their way with cups of juice and 1 small fun size bag of M&M's to split. Shortly after this Andrew comes back to the kitchen whining..nothing unusual about that. I finally understand that he keeps repeating " It hurts.. my noses hurts" I tell Kelly "I think he stuck a piece of candy in his nose..gotta go." and hung up the phone.

I so wish I had photos of this but there were more important things to deal with. There was BLUE running out of his nostril.. YES I said BLUE. The shell was melting away but the candy was lodged so tightly in there that there was no way I was going to be able to grab that sucker. I tried to push it down by applying pressure and that was a waste. I went and found the tweezers and he FREAKED. Poor guy ran and hid behind the couch. Tried to call a few neighbors but of course no one was home to help me hold this kid down. (Michael was of course out of town when I needed him).

SO I call the Ped office and laughing hysterically they advise me to pack him up and bring him in.. They will rally the troops and be prepared to hog tie him down for me. NOW here is where the fun time comes in. Today was the last day of Ben being "Star Student of the week" So I had already made snacks to take to school and had a book to read at the end of the day to the class.. So I am supposed to be there in an hour and now I have nose boy to deal with...I call the school and the secretary tells me if I bring them by she will run out and grab the snacks for me to send in.

Even though it is quite chilly I grab the the sandals because they are the first shoes I see. Maddie complies but Andrew starts to freak out. TOTAL freak out. Crying and chanting "I no go to the Docto, NO Docto." Then it happens.. He lets loose a big sneeze and all of the sudden a huge blog of chocolate goes rolling out his nose! I start laughing and grab the tissues. THANK HEAVENS! I was able to cancel the Dr appt and go to the classroom to read after all.

During the clean up I also learned one other thing. He had also shoved a green M&M up the other nostril but that one apparently was able to be pulled out..I hope he figured out ALL candies are bad.. NOT just blue M&M's.