Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Reading

I want to see how many *adult* books I read this year.. So I figured if I list them here then I will know! Also then if I want to share good reads then I will actually remember what I read!

So to start the year:

1/7/11 Losing It- Valerie Bertanelli
Interesting read.. not life shattering but interesting and not too heavy
1/13/11 Without Pity- Ann Rule
This only took me 3.75 years to read.. Granted 3.5 of that the book was lodged in the bottom of the basement couch and we only just found it a few weeks back. Since I already paid the library for this lost book I figured I might as well read it.. Ann Rule writes real life crime stories... I devoured her books when I was still a kid in school.. Now I need to see if she has any current writing...
1/18/11- Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert
I have heard great things about this book and of course the movie is supposed to be good. I really wanted to read the book before I saw the film. The book is really good. It makes you wonder if you would have the gumption to throw it all to the wind to really truly find yourself... Will definitely have to look at what other writings she has done.
1/20/11- I'm a Stranger Here myself- Bill Bryson
This book bored me to tears about half way through. This guy is an American and lived in England 20+ years.. Brings his family back to USA and writes a column pretty much about what he observes.. I bet this was much more interesting say... back in 1999 when it was newer..
1/22/11 Look Again- Lisa Scottoline
I seriously started this book at bedtime on a Friday night and woke up to finish it the next morning. MUST check out her other writings.. Single woman adopts an ill child abandoned at local hospital. 2+ years later she swears that the child on the *have you seen me* flier in the mail is HER child.. She puts her newspaper reporter skills to work and figures out her child WAS kidnapped and abandoned... Many twist and turns in this story! Worth the read

And to finish out the month...

1/28/11 Mennonite in a little black dress- Rhoda Janzen
This is a memoir of a woman who has left her family's Mennonite lifestyle and lived a *secular* life for many years.. After back to back health crisis and her husband leaving her she goes home to be with her parents for an extended visit.

1/30/11 Still Missing- Chevy Stevens
OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you to the random lady at the library who suggested this book.. I hope she likes the one I forwarded her way.. Another book I started one night and finished the next day.. This is the authors first novel.. I will definitely be on the look out for more of her writing.

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