Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Ups and the Downs

Yesterday I weighed myself to have a Monday to Monday comparison... *Officially* in that 7 day span I lost 2.4 lbs. Not the 4lbs+ that Saturday tried to convince me but still a justifiable and healthy loss.

I will take it!

Last night was CMOMC meeting and my goal was to not eat the dessert. Which is actually pretty easy.. I have everyone get food and then I start the meeting! The problem is after the meeting it is so easy to go pick at the snacks and chat.. A few things helped.. I do not like cream chicken sammies so NO worry there! I don't like snack meatballs so much either so easy there.

Thank you to Lori and David who unknowingly helped me avoid the table!

This morning I weighed myself.. I know it is not the best habi to weigh in everyday but I prefer to see the little changes for self motivation..

This morning shows a 1.6 drop from yesterday.. To believe or not believe.....That is the question..

I will check daily for my own personal interest but only count the Monday numbers across the board for actual loss...

SO the Funny......

This morning we are on the way to the bus and I ask Maddie if she remembered the shoes to change into from her boots.. She did not of course.. So I go to run back to the house...
Holding my scrubby track pants waistband the entire time.. Then I realize.. my underwear are falling down and that was making it really hard to keep going.. I had to lift my coat, dig in grab my skivvies and pull them up to keep on running!

Good thing these pants are falling apart.. I hate waste and will not feel guilt at all when I finally toss these aside!

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