Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolving to 2011

I never make resolutions, why would I, I would just ignore them like everyone else does theirs!
So this year I have one simple goal.. A very attainable goal..

Simply to Reduce....

A simple plan that can be achieved in many different areas..

Reduce my weight...
Reduce my stress...( LOL.. still not sure how to do THAT!)
Reduce clutter in this house
Reduce debt
Reduce(hopefully) costs... more careful spending to help with that debt reduction...

Mentally I am already cleaning the basement! I have piles sorted down there and I know which will go to the donation center at church(clothing with life still left )..
which items I will take to the Crisis Pregnancy Center(crib mattress, mattress covers, crib sheets),
which items I can drop at the local Head Start Center( some educational toys, lots of books etc)

Now if only I could reduce that Mini Van..... Need to keep posting that on Craigslist!

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