Friday, January 7, 2011

What I am reading this year...

I want to see how many *adult* books I read this year.. So I figured if I list them here then I will know! Also then if I want to share good reads then I will actually remember what I read!

So to start the year:

1/7/11 Losing It- Valerie Bertanelli
Interesting read.. not life shattering but interesting and not too heavy
1/13/11 Without Pity- Ann Rule
This only took me 3.75 years to read.. Granted 3.5 of that the book was lodged in the bottom of the basement couch and we only just found it a few weeks back. Since I already paid the library for this lost book I figured I might as well read it.. Ann Rule writes real life crime stories... I devoured her books when I was still a kid in school.. Now I need to see if she has any current writing...

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