Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday.. Day one snow day... UGH!

School was called off  Sunday.. FOR 2 DAYS.. Frigid temperatures  and winds.. I had told  friend that if school was called off she could drop her 2 kids off with me since she would still have to work.. and I was on her way to work anyway.

So today's menu included 5 kids for breakfast and lunch!
Breakfast was 11 home made cinnamon rolls I had in the freezer from my Christmas gift making endeavors. Served with some oranges and bananas, juice and milk.

The temperature dropped by the hour today.. so I used that opportunity to bake some cookies!  I made a batch of white chocolate, macadamia and coconut bar.. SOO decadent and yummy!

I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies with white chips and pb chips.

I cooked 2 boxes of Kraft mac and cheese and 5 corn dogs from the freezer for lunch.. offered some more oranges.

For dinner I pulled out leftovers and baked some potatoes and steamed the cauliflower in the fridge.  I also cooked up a package of bacon from the freezer to put on potatoes.

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