Saturday, January 4, 2014


Kids and husband had TKD today so breakfast had to be early.. I pulled some buttermilk oatmeal pancakes out of the freezer and thawed and toasted them for the kids... They had OJ with them.  Husband had a banana and coffee.. I had 1 slice of toast with chocolate almond spread and sliced banana and a grapefruit.. of course there was coffee!  
I cleaned the house and did laundry while they were gone.. Since it is cold and blustery out I decided soup and sandwiches sounded good!  I had a pouch of Lipton in the cupboard above the stove so I made that and I made a can of Tomato soup.  I made grilled cheese sandwiches and served a bowl of oyster crackers.  People who were still hungry were directed to the Fruit bowls... there are 4 overflowing bowls right now.. help yourselves!  

We were possibly going to go out to dinner with the inlaws but they never called.. (not shocking)....So when I got home from shopping I decided to start pulling together dinner.. I looked in the freezer and found a freezer bag with meaty tomato sauce from November.. I tossed that in a pan to defrost.. Served with a box of thin spaghetti and a box of garlic bread from the freezer.  I don't recall the sauce tasting THAT awesome originally.. but tonight it was so yummy!  It was just about an hour start to served for dinner...and cost almost nothing.. compared to ordering in from the pizza shop!  I LOVE not wasting things!  

There is enough pasta and sauce left for husband and I to lunch on tomorrow.. and 1 slice of garlic bread to share!   

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