Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year.. Let's do this for a few weeks ( days!) HA!

I am horrible at keeping up with this but I like keeping a log of what I am doing.. for a short time anyway!

Start of the year, start of the month!  Pantry Challenge!

I love this blog and I love cleaning out the freezer and pantry!
Husband and I are working towards getting back to healthier eating and back on the weight loss plan.. so I NEED to get the junk out of the house.. and I want to use up stuff around here before I shop.. especially  since my coupon holder is SO empty... End of year expiration's and all...

So for New Years Eve we have a friend and kids over.. I cooked up a box of Bagel Bites, a box of Potato Skins, Mozzarella sticks and 2 packs of frozen cookie dough!  GONE!

For New Years Day kids had mini bagels and fruit for breakfast.. Ate on the random lunch meat and chips for lunch.. For dinner I roasted a Turkey Breast I had in the freezer, cooked a jar of Sauerkraut with an apple for sweetening, steamed some fresh broccoli and we ate the rest of the non wilted salad mix.

I LOVE seeing the shelves as I empty the fridge!

Jan 2 I have a work party tonight and kids will be at TKD.. So for breakfast I pulled out my stash of frozen pancakes.. Kids had those with the rest of the fresh berries in the fridge.
I whipped up a dessert for tonight.. using the last chocolate cake mix, some frozen cooked pumpkin, the remaining pecans from the freezer and my last brick of cream cheese!  We will see if it tastes good!

Lunch will be whatever husband and I pick out and kids will get some of the frozen corn dogs and whatever fruit and chips I toss at them!

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