Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday... Snow on the Way...

Last minute plans were made and we were going to  meet grandparents for Breakfast at Bob Evans. I decided last minute to toss a pork shoulder into the crock pot to cook while we were gone. While Andrew went to the deep freeze for it I pulled out the crock and flavorings.. Worcestershire, garlic, onion S&P.. Turned it on and left.  We had breakfast, hit the toy store really quick then tried to deal with Husbands flight cancellations and rescheduling for his work this week..It was decided that we needed to get him to Cleveland ASAP to avoid me traveling in poor conditions .. so snacks were grabbed for a quick lunch while he packed.. then we left.  The roast was done when we got home so I turned it off and let it cool for a while... Shredded pork was served with some canned corn and re-heated leftover rice from the other night.. Easy Peasy.. I made a box of Cook Chocolate pudding I found in the pantry.. I know it was not old but it just did not set up or taste right.. Oh well.. that was the only one so no worries.. Maybe I am just more appreciative of my homemade pudding!

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