Monday, January 21, 2013

Calling it quits for the day!

I have been busy this morning!  It is so much easier to cook and bake with kids who are able to entertain themselves!

While the kids played Uno and Skip Bo I heated up the kitchen...

I used that Ortega Tortilla Soup packet and made according to directions...Pretty much it was just flavored liquid.. and that just will not do.. So into the pot of flavor I added 1 cup of frozen corn, 1/2 a can of seasoned black beans and a can of chunk chicken breast.  Much better!  The flavor is really nice!  I heated a portion of that for my lunch and poured it over a handful of crushed tortilla chips and a Colby cheese stick I chopped down.  YUM!

I cooked a bag of frozen broccoli in homemade chicken stock.  I added a handful of chopped carrots and when nice and steamed I pureed half in the vita mix.  I ended up using the rest of the heavy cream in that soup( no Alfredo tonight) and shredded in some sharp cheddar and Colby cheeses. That is tasty also!

Since I have half a can of black beans that I will need to eat now.. I decided to go ahead and cook up some rice.. I used just 1/2 cup dry rice to 1 cup water.. That will be fine for a simple beans and rice wrap or bowl.. or in some soup.

Then I realized I had a brick of cream cheese mom left here and was close to expiration.. since I already have 2 of my own bricks I have not used I needed to figure out something quick!  I searched and managed to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and used the cream cheese and the last roll of crescent rolls... I halved this and Maddie helped me mix and spread it all in!

So all the dishes have been done, kids have been lunched, hubby is packed and ready to hit the airport.. and I have all my lunches and dinners ready for the rest of the week! YIPPIE!

For my 3 friends who are reading this.. check out this blog  I was encouraged to kick start the year with the pantry eat down after I saw that they were doing it also!

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