Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting excited by the empty!

Silly I know.. But I just went to the deep freeze to pull out a container of soup.. thinking it was a container of beef veggie soup from December.. I figured I would eat on it this while hubby was gone this week.   Well it was chicken and veggie not veggie beef... I brought it upstairs and put it in the freezer here..We will see if I want to use that.. I have 1 beef roast and 1 pack of chicken breast left in the deep freeze.

The weather is nasty cold.. with wind chill below zero cold.. I will definitely be helping heat the house by baking.. The kids can help me make cookies and breads that can be frozen for future snacking and lunches.. I have lots of supplies to come up with some tasty treats.

For Breakfast I just used the last half of the buttermilk quart to make a batch of waffles.. Kids ate most and the last few will go into the freezer for another morning.  I pulled out a bag of some chicken broth and a bag of frozen broccoli.. I think I will whip up a simple broccoli cheese soup to use those up and some of the cheese in the fridge.
A few weeks ago while I was at R Grocery Outlet I found a pouch of Ortega All Natural Tortilla Soup....

I have seen this in the stores but I am not about to pay over $2.00 for something I don't know if I will like..I paid.$.79 for this so if it is yucky I will pour it down the drain.. If I like the flavor I think I will add some canned chicken for more bulk.

If the kids have school with these cold temps I am thinking warm foods in their lunch thermoses so Mac and Cheese or Spaghetti Oh's..

Dinners are to be determined... Tonight I am planning corn dogs (bought them at the Schwans school fundraiser) and homemade pasta Alfredo.. to finish the pint of heavy whipping cream.

I will have to report back what I end up baking when I get into that *Heat the house * mode!

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