Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simple Sunday

In laws were coming over for dinner and the weather was BEAUTIFUL...( yes, 1-13-13 it was 60 degrees out.. there has to be a record there) SO I wanted to keep dinner simple.. I grabbed yet another beef roast from the freezer and the final can of french onion soup and did that roast again... this time I tossed the entire can of soup and water into my Vitamix and blended it all down instead of tossing the onions out.. I tossed it in on low in the oven and left to run a few errands. I hit Marcs and Giant Eagle for some basics.  I came home and peeled and chopped carrots and potatoes for dinner then went to sell Girl Scout cookies with Maddie!  I made a HUGE error in judgement and there was too much liquid in the post and after adding all the veggies it ended up boiling over and the bottom of my oven is trashed.. Oh it stinks still ( on Tuesday!)

But it was delicious!  I tossed a bag of peas into the microwave to steam and served with bakery bread.. the stuff I grabbed at Giant Eagle and the loaf the in laws brought with them.

I had made a dessert before I left for the store.. I chose this one b/c it looked yummy and it only called for 1 egg.. and before shopping that is all I had!

I used a 9x9 pan instead of 9x13 and they turned out great.  Kids loved them!

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