Thursday, January 24, 2013

SCORED! I love coupons!

I decided with the success of my shopping deals last week, I would  not worry about those items any more.. Hubby was out of town this week, kids in school, me working and making exercise time at the gym a HIGH priority.. I was doing great.. then I got a gift in the mail!  My friend Jodi sent me some .75 coupons for Colgate so I will be heading back to the Dollar Tree for more School donations.. but she also sent me a Finish coupon for $2.15.. That is like giving the alcoholic a beer.. That is like cash in my hand, yet this has an expiration date...

So this morning after kids were on the bus I worked out, dropped hubby car at the airport, came home and showered.. I left to get some groceries.. I thought I recalled Rite Aid was doing their B1G1 free on detergent again.. It was only slightly off track so I hit there first.  YUP!  I grabbed the 32ct box that was priced 7.99.  An inflated price by itself . but when you take 2.15 off and realize you are getting another box free.. it again works out to 64 loads of dishes at .09 a load!!!

I scanned the ad and noticed the deal on Post cereal.. so I went to see if they had any in stock.. and they did.. I recalled their recently being Post cereal coupons.. and I know I cut them.. I found them!  The deal was buy 2 boxes they will be $5.00.. IF you buy 2 you will get a $2.00 up reward( or semi- instant rebate).  You can do this twice.. So I found my coupons.. I used 2 coupons for $1.00 off Grape Nuts and 2 that were $1.00 off Shredded Wheat.  So I paid $6.00 in the store and received a coupon equal to $4.00 my next purchase!!! So .50 a box for name brand cereals.. Yes, thank you! I also received a $3.00 off next purchase coupon for buying over $15.00 in Finish.. So I paid $12.34 in cash and have $7.00 in coupons good starting tomorrow!!!!!!

The whole school donations thing is this.. Every year the week of their 100th day of school they have a school wide food/non perishable drive to support the local FISH- food donation pantry.  The goal is to get 100 items per classroom... which is about 5 per kid...times my 3 kids... I will be sending in lots of toothpaste, some toothbrushes, boxes of cereal.. and anything else I can deal for the additional $7.00 at Rite Aid!  It is for a good cause.. and I can send in quality items to boot!

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