Thursday, January 24, 2013

Had to bite the bullet and buy food..

I ate the last banana this morning.. The last of the milk is expired, there are no more eggs.  I have a small package of 3 chicken breasts and a single  beef roast in the freezer.  I have done my job.. For a large majority of the month I have managed to avoid major food shopping and focus on using what we had on hand.. It encourages creative thought and cooking, discourages food waste and helps save a few dollars in the long run.

The plan - hubby's plan that is- was to go to Aldi Friday night.. to stock up on the items we like to get there. That is fine.. but there are still many more items I prefer from Giant Eagle or Marcs..I grabbed my coupons and headed out to the Eagle.. I used more then a dozen coupons.. bought some stuff that we probably did not need at all.. but were on sale and I could coupon it.. and I bought some stuff that was regular price no deals at all.. You gotta do what you gotta do.  In the end my bill came to $156.56 and I earned .30 in gas points today....

Out of that...I made no deal at all purchases for Madeline..a 3.99 pint of Sorbet and a half gallons of Coconut Milk at 3.49.  Poor girlie is having real problems if she eats/drinks milk.. so these items are necessary...

I grabbed some lunch meat at the deli and those items came to 9.34.  Kraft Cheese was on sale and I had a coupon so all together with deli sliced cheese and blocks of cheese I spent 12.11 on that.

I found some  mark down deals on meat which helped so in the end I spent 51.64 on that.. Meat wise I got a flat of 4 chicken leg/thigh sections.. not that I like dark meat.. but it makes great soup base.. Those are currently simmering away in a stock pot with carrots, onion, celery, garlic and spices!
I bought a HUGE Pork Butt and split it into two large portions and froze those separately- 2 dinners!
I picked up 2 nice sized beef roasts for future dinner and a 2lb pack of stew meat.  I opened the stew meat and cut  most of the pieces in half as they are rather large bites.  I divided the stew meat into 2 bags and took the time to mix up my sauce for beef tips and divided into each bag. These are labeled and in the freezer.. 2 more nights of dinner!
Kids asked for meatloaf last night so I fed them macaroni and cheese instead!  I grabbed a package of ground beef and seasoned the meat and made 2 meatloaves out of it.  1 will be cooked for tonight and the other is wrapped and labeled for a future dinner.

Produce wise I grabbed bananas, clementines, 2 types of apples, 5lbs of organic carrots, organic spinach, 3 English cucumbers, 4 stem tomatoes- 24.41 went out the window here...

The rest of the stuff I bought was random items like crackers, granola bars, frozen veggies, milk, eggs, butter, half and half , hummus, gum, some canned/jarred good and over priced nose spray for the hubby...    

Overall I feel that I did pretty well... I easily have 10 nights worth of meals from the meat itself, and I have plenty of fresh fruits, carrots, hummus and lunch meat to make me and hubby happy!

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