Sunday, January 6, 2013

Making it through the weekend...

Weekends have a tendency to fall off the regular schedule with errands and activities.  Kids started Upwards Basketball Saturday so  that means a quick breakfast and a mad rush out of the house.

Saturday: I made Pumpkin Spice pancakes.  I had planned on making another batch of the muffins from the previous night so I just prepped all the wet and dry ingredients and tossed into the fridge.  When the muffins did not come out as awesome as I had hoped for I had to figure out a way to use the already mixed ingredients.  Since the fry proportions were so close to a batch of pancakes I just mixed everything together.. added a bit more flour for consistency and poured onto the griddle.  Kids ate them with no complaint!  Waste not!
After ball, Hubby got a haircut while I picked up a few necessities at the store. Kids were hungry but we were only minutes from home so we made them wait.. Kids were in agreement for grilled cheese and Lipton soup so I put the water on to boil while I got the sandwiches prepped for the griddle.  Hubby and I scrounged for leftovers for us.
Hubby wanted to make some fish for himself for dinner so I offered kids the choice of dinner and they requested homemade pizza.  Easy enough!   Homemade crust, jarred sauce, cheese and pepperoni.  Hubby and I both had bowls of salad in addition to our meals of choice.. ( I HAD to buy some salad at the store..)

Sunday: Waffles were demanded so I made a double batch and actually had a few to toss into the freezer for quick breakfasts this week!  Lunch we met grandparents at Olive Garden so no cooking there... We were all still pretty full from lunch but the kids insist on being fed something at meal times...SO I scrounged up items and called it Appetizer night.. Using the last of the vanilla yogurt, and most of the clementines that were shriveling up I made *Creamsicle Smoothies*, I tossed a box of soft pretzel bites( and they were nearing frostbite state so glad I used them up!) into the oven and sliced up 2 apples.. I tossed mustard, cinnamon sugar and a mix of chunky peanut butter and honey on the table for dipping.

I am already 1 step ahead of dinner for Monday pulling out a meatloaf for thawing.. I originally assumed it was a loaf of pumpkin bread... Guess I should put more effort into proper labeling...

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