Friday, January 4, 2013

Sticking to it!

I know it is odd that I love to grocery shop.. I figure it goes hand in hand with my love of cooking and baking.  I am running low on fresh produce and perishables... Maybe I can get through the weekend... not sure...
Kids had Cream of Wheat and Raisin toast for breakfast.  I had some scrambled eggs with a few oven roasted potato wedges( leftovers of course) diced in.  I packed Andrew's lunch as he was not begging to eat school Mini Corn Dogs.  I let the kids pick up to 4 meals for January to buy and Ben and Maddie bought today.  Andrew took a juice box, yogurt tube, a lunch-able  I gave in over Christmas break and then they never ate them), carrots and cukes.  
My lunch was  a  flour tortilla with hummus, cucumber, carrot, spinach and turkey.
Dinner took me on a tour of the deep freeze... Faced with the choice of Chicken breasts or beef roast I grabbed a roast.  I let if defrost for a while and then had to figure out how to season... I am out of beef broth AND Italian dressing packets... How does one make a roast without those items???  I ALMOST ran to the store.. But I held strong.... I dug around and found a can of French onion soup on my shelf.. I remember buying it b/c it was killer cheap, not because I  would actually eat onion soup... So I pulled out a strainer and poured it through and then tossed all the onion.. added a can and a half of water... the roast... then started with my spice cabinet... garlic powder, pepper, bay... tossed it in and let it slowly bake.. OH MY it smells good....
I cut my lonely 2 potatoes into 1/8's and tossed them into the pot a while back and then, after looking at my shelf found a can of carrots and drained and dumped those in...I LOVE beef and carrots together... I was going to save the fresh carrots though for my hubby!  if he has hummus and no carrots, that can mean serious trouble for me!

Dinner will be served shortly with a bag of frozen, turned steamed broccoli.  While we are eating I will be baking a batch of Pumpkin Muffins( using a bag of my pumpkin I froze weeks ago)... I am trying a new recipe

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