Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You don't have to love it.. but it's your dinner!

I went out on a limb last night(Monday).. I made something I have never made, nor have had a history of liking.. Ham and bean soup!  We had spiral ham for Christmas and I saved the bone, and then chopped some into big chunks and some into tiny small dices and tossed all into freezer for * a rainy day*. Because that is what good frugal people do...I figured I would make a pot of ham, green beans and potatoes, but then one day hubby mentioned bean soup and I figured I could give it a try...

Coincidentally, a topic of soups was going on in a message board I read and Ham and Bean came up so I figured I could manage it after I read a few peoples recipes.. I grabbed a bag of great northern when I was at Marc's.  I figured it the dinner was a total bomb I was not losing much more then the $1.89 I put into it!

Sunday night I picked through the beans and tossed into a huge pot with cold water to soak all night.  Monday morning I skimmed off the floaters.. I guess if they float they are bad...I strained and rinsed the non floaters and tossed them into my large crock pot.. I  filled with water and added my ham bone,  1 halved onion, diced carrots, 1 stalk celery quartered ( I don't like celery pieces in soups really... ) 2 cloves of garlic, a bay leaf, black pepper and some red pepper flakes. I left for work and left hubby to stir...

When I got home I pulled out the celery and gave a stir.  I tasted it and it was good.. but a little flat.  A friend had told me it would and told me to add vinegar.. I poured in a few glugs of white and apple cider and added more black pepper.. I pulled the bone out and the meat all fell off.. I let it cool and minute and then separated the meat and the gristle...I tossed the meat in and thought it could definitely use more.. so I grabbed a bag of  frozen cubed ham and dumped half of  baggie in.  Much better.

Knowing full well the kids would freak over something new.. I served then only tiny amounts.. along with a grilled cheese- made with shredded mozz/cheddar on some of that leftover bakery bread..

Of course kids freaked out at the idea of a new food.. Andrew and Maddie overcame their fears quickly and tried some carrot/bean/ham and broth.. and then moved on.. that was all I asked.  Maddie did not like the broth.. Andrew was fine.. Ben, as always, took longer but after dad provided him a piece of bread for dipping.. he admitted he liked the broth and finished his whole bowl...

I assume that if I freeze this it will be bean mush when we thaw.. so looks like Hubby and I have a lot of leftovers this week!

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