Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Day of Break! Last Day of Break!

We need to get back to our "regularly scheduled programming"... Kids need to see other people!  Summer break is easier.. the weather is more agreeable and we can get out more.. This Christmas break has been cold, snowy, icy and  everyday hubby and I have seen people post their kids have strep throat or the pukes.. so we have had no desire to take them anywhere in public they might get sick... A mom can dream right?

So I love to read blogs, love to follow blogs and get great ideas from many strangers out in the internets!  I have been doing " Mother Hubbard" weeks for years.. When I try to not grocery shop and try to eat all the junk I have in the freezer/pantry.   One of the blogs I love is encouraging a Pantry Challenge and I am all about that!

Yesterday was New Years so we have the obligatory Pork Roast, Sauerkraut, Mashed Potatoes and veggies for dinner.   Today for lunch hubby and I ate those leftovers while the kids had grilled cheese, pretzels and whatever else they could locate.  Since tomorrow we head back to *normal* I whipped up some cookies for the kids.  Peanut Butter Blossoms- to use some of the 3 open jars of peanut butter and the leftover Hershey Kisses in the freezer!  Dinner might be my problem... I am not in the mood to cook...I pulled out a package of ground chicken...I really don't like ground poultry but hubby was given it as payment for helping a friend who owns a meat market... I am thinking I will brown and flavor it and will wrap it in crescent rolls- ala Pampered Chef's " Cheeseburger Ring" Hopefully the kids cannot a huge difference in flavor.  Will serve with the bowl of salad and some veggies from the freezer.

Will have to post how that goes later!

ETA:  I browned the ground chicken and seasoned well.. Then I decided to pour some BBQ sauce in and add some cheddar.. BBQ chicken rolls... and they loved it!  No whining tonight!

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