Friday, January 4, 2013

Definitely an off day!

Kids were back to school today(or yesterday.. but who is really looking at the dates?).  Packed them all a lunch of leftover BBQ Chicken Crescent wrap, carrots and cucumber slices, a peanut butter blossom cookie, a few pretzels and a 100% apple juice box.  My lunch was to finish off the bowl of salad mix with some salami and cheese tossed in.  Snacked on Fruit and hot drinks through the day.  I used my quiet with kids back to school and husband logged on to work.. Sent out a lot of PTO help requests and started to get things organized for the next few weeks!  Felt so accomplished!  I had the kids come home on the bus while I was at a PTO meeting.. Told the husband to have the kids finish the bowl of caramel popcorn.
Dinner was a total hodgepodge!  He planned it with the kids while I was gone.  I had a work event so I was not eating with them.. and he was not interested in a meal himself.. so dinner consisted of.. mac and cheese, scrambled eggs and toast and salami and cheese sandwich.  They were happy and it was all food we had in the fridge or on the shelf so it was all fair game!  I believe the husband had a turkey/cheese sandwich and carrots and hummus.

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